Victoria Police upgrade EPINS system with OutSystems low-code app

In a move aimed at modernising its operational framework, Victoria Police has partnered with OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance low-code application development. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards streamlining various operational processes within the law enforcement agency, with a focus on enhancing productivity and efficiency across the board, particularly in providing better digital resources for officers out in the field.

Recognising the imperative to optimise numerous inefficient business processes, Victoria Police embarked on a quest for a cutting-edge Business Process Management (BPM) platform. The department’s electronic penalty infringement notice system (EPINS) emerged as a critical focal point. After an exhaustive selection process, OutSystems emerged as the standout choice.

Paul Arthur, Regional Vice President for Australia and New Zealand at OutSystems, underscored the comprehensive feature set of the platform, which seamlessly demonstrated its adaptability and ease of adoption during a rigorous developer enablement exercise. This capability, he noted, aligned perfectly with the requirements of Victoria Police.

OutSystems offers a class-leading platform for efficient application development through visual development, pre-built code modules, and one-click publish functionalities. This empowers developers of all skill levels to build customised applications that automate and orchestrate unique cross-functional workflows, thereby eliminating errors and repetitive tasks.

The core objective of this strategic partnership is to equip frontline members of Victoria Police with better tools to excel in their roles within the community. To achieve this, OutSystems and the Police Department collaborated closely to integrate a platform that offers high flexibility, allowing for seamless adaptation to evolving requirements.

The selection of OutSystems heralds a new era for Victoria Police, enabling the organisation to address a wide spectrum of process and user experience use cases across web and mobile platforms in record time. OutSystems will work hand in hand with multi-award-winning partner PhoenixDX to ensure the timely delivery of critical applications, with a paramount focus on security compliance.

Pedro Carrilho, Founder and Managing Director of PhoenixDX, reiterated the commitment to delivering robust business process automation capabilities tailored to meet the frontline mobility needs of sworn members of Victoria Police.

By harnessing industry-leading platform technology and agile implementation models, Victoria Police stands poised to significantly enhance innovation and user experience for thousands of its members. Peter Swart, Regional Director at OutSystems, expressed satisfaction at the partnership, highlighting the seamless integration of technology with the pivotal work carried out by Victoria Police in the community.

The deployment of OutSystems promises not just a technological transformation, but a holistic advancement in operational efficiency and effectiveness for Victoria Police, ultimately reinforcing its commitment to serving and safeguarding the community.