Introducing Australia’s Best-Kept Security Training Secret

Founded in 2016, NSTA Central is unlike any other training facility in Melbourne and possibly the leading training facility of its kind in Australia outside of government-run facilities.

Located in Footscray in Melbourne’s West, NSTA was built in direct response to demand from the industry for a full-service training facility that could cater to a wide range of environments.

According to co-founder and CEO Eleni Yannacaros,  “The challenge that we wanted to overcome was a lack of realistic training.

So we’ve created a facility here that caters for a wide range of different environments. It’s not just the security industry that we’re catering for; we’re trying to cater for as many as possible, from hospitality to retail, customer service and, of course, security.”

According to co-founder and director of training Ray Parmenter, “What sets us apart is not only the trainers and the expertise that we bring to our training, along with over 20 years of knowledge and experience, but it’s the venue, it’s the facilities. There’s nothing else like it.”

The facility has been built with the express goal of offering students and organisations alike, unparalleled realism through the simulation of a variety of real-world environments, all under one roof in a single training environment: from critical response, first aid, transport screening and traffic management, to a wide array of hospital environments, including conflict management, code grey and code black scenarios.  The facility even offers live-fire simunition, force-on-force firearms training.

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