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Security Solutions, the magazine that focuses on Total Security Solutions, is designed to promote dialogue within the security industry and to act as an interface between that industry and the community it serves. It seeks, through its content, to stimulate and inform. Contributions to the editorial content of Security Solutions are most cordially invited. Companies or individuals, whether inside the security industry or outside it, wishing to express a view of any matter that relates to an aspect of security, are invited to submit them in writing.To facilitate the publication of contributions, the following guidelines are provided.

Word length: 1500 or 2500

Format: Microsoft Word is preferred

Style: Each paragraph indicated by an indent and without a line break

Submissions should be spelled-checked

Security Solutions Magazine does not offer any remuneration for published articles.Publishing policy requires of all writers a signed attestation that all work submitted is the product of the writer and that all quotations used are exempt from copyright control.

To obtain an editorial proposal, please email: admin@interactivemediasolutions.com.au