Advertising works in magazines and sites which people read – PERIOD!

So many publications will inform advertisers all about where their magazines and sites are going, but then refrain from telling advertisers that nobody reads them! In fact, an extraordinary number of people who subscribe to magazines, only ‘skim’ through them in the hope that there is something of relevance inside.

With this critical point in mind, Security Solutions Media, by design, offers advertisers unparalleled exposure to a captive audience. The editorial content is built around dedicated industry sector sections, which delve deep into the heart of important security issues in the following areas:

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Loss Prevention

Aviation Security

Locks & Access Control

Emergency Response

IT Security

Homeland Security


Management & HR

The feature articles cover issues including counter terrorism, global security issues, risk assessment and security trends – just to name a few.

But most importantly, Security Solutions content is always presented in a readable, practical, useful format and the ideas, strategies, information and step-by-step directions can be used by real security professionals in the real world right now!

Be in the right place at the right time!

As is evident in its very title, Security Solutions offers readers solutions to issues and problems. Every article is written so as to ensure that the reader can take away some practical advice and act immediately – to implement the solutions for immediate results and benefits. Can you imagine a better time than when a reader is in this frame of mind to put your solution in front of him or her?

Advertisers who strategically provide readers with solutions to the very problems they are reading about will benefit from not only having the right message in front of the right audience, but also from having it seen at the right time – when plans for action are being made.

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