Panzera Aquamarine Pro Diver

Let’s face it. As security professionals, we all need to know the time. A good timepiece is more than just a tool; it is also a statement. However, not everyone can, or even wants, to spend vast sums of money to purchase a functional, fashionable, reliable and great-looking watch. Enter Australian company Panzera.

Based in Sydney, Panzera produces a range of great-looking, robust and functional watches featuring a choice of either Japanese or Swiss mechanic or quartz movements, depending on your preference and budget, at highly affordable prices, thanks to a direct-to-consumer marketing model.

In this review, we look at the Aquamarine Pro Diver. Whether you are ex-military, police or emergency services, or simply like a strong, bold, masculine style watch that makes a statement without the exorbitantly high price tag of a Panerai or similar, then the Aquamarine Pro Diver is a great option.

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