Naturally safe and sustainable revolving doors turn their strengths to protecting building occupants


The Tourniket was the first revolving door manufactured by Boon Edam, and can trace its origins back to 1903. Since then, its construction – and the technology within – have evolved into a sophisticated and intelligent revolving door.

Boon Edam’s Tourniket revolving door is responding to increasing risks from protests, demonstrations, and civil unrest, with a Manual Attack and Burglar-Resistant package that can be added to the door to increase its resilience to attacks and vandalism.

To ensure there are no weak points in the total construction of the door, this package goes through an extensive testing process, including hand-held tools, static force, and falling weight. During the hand-held tools test, the doors are subjected to multiple attacks using hand-held tools, such as a crowbar, for a set time.

Additionally, the Static Force test is used to determine the locking capability. This test simulates the effects of force being applied to certain points of the door. Lastly, the falling weight test is applied to simulate the impact of a brutal attempt to kick-in or tamper with the door.

The glass is also subject to extensive testing, with Drop and Axe tests applied to ensure heavy blows do not penetrate the glass. The result of all these tests is that Boon Edam’s Burglar-Resistant Tourniket Doors comply with top European Standards, including:

  • EN 1627 European Standard for the burglar resistant classifications of domestic and commercial door sets and windows
  • EN 356 European Standard for Glass in Building.
Boon Edam’s Burglar-Resistant packages are the result of extensive testing on all potential weak points, including glass, locks, and frames.

“These doors have been approved for use in the entrance to government buildings in Australia, where the European certifications have been deemed acceptable for this application,” says Boon Edam Australia Managing Director Michael Fisher (Master security licence number: 000104487).

“Most break-ins, vandalism and burglaries are opportunist events. Perpetrators will look for the weakest point to gain access and determine what they can take in the shortest space of time,” says Mr Fisher.

“That’s why our Burglar-Resistant packages focus on more than just the glass, to include areas like the locks and the frames, to make sure all weak points are accounted for and suitably reinforced against attacks,” he said.

Boon Edam’s Burglar-Resistant Tourniket doors have been used in multiple States of Australia, in applications that cannot be identified to protect the security of our valued clients. Under the right circumstances, with client permission, Boon Edam can arrange a site visit to see these installations.

These Tourniket doors form part of Boon Edam’s comprehensive range of layered security entrance solutions, including access gates, speed gates, revolving doors, security revolving doors, and high security portals.

Many such products can be integrated with broader access control systems, facial recognition, biometric scanning, and other security and ID verification systems that leave companies free to cost-efficiently allocate manned security to areas where it is most efficient while developing graduated and automated responses where these provide the appropriate level of security.

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