Devicie Appoints Shane Harding as Chief Executive Officer

Shane Harding, Chief Executive Officer at Devicie.

Devicie, the SaaS product that automates the essential tasks needed to manage endpoints in the cloud, today announced the appointment of Shane Harding as Chief Executive Officer.  Harding joined the company seven months ago as Chief Operating Officer. Martin McGregor, who has served as CEO since cofounding Devicie with Jose Schenardie and Jason Fairburn in 2019 will continue to work in the company and serve on the company’s board as Executive Chairperson.

The announced transition is part of a multi-year succession plan to ensure Devicie has the right mix of proven operators who’ve scaled businesses before and technical innovators who see and solve problems in a unique way.

“I am proud of what Devicie’s achieved so far and of the exceptional team we’ve built,” says Martin McGregor.  “Moving forward, I’ll have more time to focus on the areas I love most – product innovation, customer success and advocating for in-house professionals who need trustworthy solutions to enable them to solve complex problems. I’m excited to become more deeply involved in our industry and community so that I can continue to grow and evolve our vision.”

Martin McGregor, Executive Chairperson, Devicie

A promising Australian startup primed for fast growth

Over the past four years Devicie has developed and launched an industry-first device management SaaS product to harness the power of Microsoft Intune. The startup raised $14 million in a Series A funding round led by New York VC giant Insight Partners and is used by some of Australia’s leading public and private sector companies.

McGregor says, “I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved at Devicie and believe Shane is the kind of leader we can trust to take our customer-centric values, vision and growth to the next level. Working with Shane has allowed me to see how someone experienced, who’s at the top of their game, sets foundations for fast-growth and scales an organisation quickly whilst retaining quality, a great culture and a product our customers love.

“Being able to have senior leaders transition roles easily is testament to the strength of our executive team. We work together fantastically. We listen to each other. There’s no ego in it, it’s the best idea wins. There’s a lot of trust between us, so as an executive team we’re going to shift and do whatever we need to make our mission successful.”

A seasoned company builder

Shane Harding has two decades of experience working in fast growing scale-up companies, investment funds and management consultancy. He’s a proven leader, having helped bring companies through the growth phase to achieve outstanding valuations and successful exits.

Previously he was Chief Strategy Officer at Australian Life Tech, helping lead the business to a $71 million acquisition by myDNA. Prior, Harding was Chief Product Officer at Oneflare, where he led product and marketing, growing the company into Australia’s fastest-growing and second-biggest service-based marketplace.

Early in his career he was Product and Growth Lead at MYOB where he was an integral part of bringing MYOB Essentials to market, which unpinned a successful $2 billion IPO and Head of Growth of one of Australia’s first early-stage investment funds, Future Capital.

Over the last decade he has advised and mentored dozens of founders running high-growth companies, including through the global incubator Tech Stars, where he is an All Star mentor.

“I chose to work with Devicie because it’s a company that’s unique on so many levels, empowering IT professionals to solve infrastructure and security challenges whilst also improving productivity and employee experience,” says Harding.

“Implementing and configuring the tools to deliver a laptop ready to go in 30 minutes instead of the standard two weeks is hard. Keeping that laptop, and an entire fleet of devices, consistently operating efficiently and securely is even harder. The cofounders of Devicie solved that problem, organisation by organisation, implementation by implementation, setting by setting, for 20 years before they productised what they’d learnt.

“Data security impacts everyone. We are perfectly placed to solve a problem that effects almost every company globally. It’s an unbelievable opportunity. The number one growth fund globally backs us and our team because they see it too.”

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