Mario Gomez, VP Operations Americas for GoCrisis Management
Mario Gomez, VP Operations Americas for GoCrisis Management

fIn a world with real-time news media, viral social media, instantaneous video uploads and international connectedness, news travels faster and further than ever before. Organisations need to be ready and know what the different stakeholders expect to see in your actions and communications during crisis.

At this year’s Security Exhibition and Conference (26-28 July), Mario Gomez will discuss how you can prepare your organisation to communicate promptly, accurately and confidently on all platforms, with affected people, employees, media and the wider community, and in so doing protect your brand.

Mario Gomez is the VP of Operations Americas for GoCrisis Management and is a dedicated and passionate corporate public relations professional with more than 20 years of experience as director of corporate communications, media spokesperson, crisis communications specialist, media relations strategist and social media producer. Mario has frontline crisis communications experience and has been involved in media relations during many aviation accidents, corporate crisis and natural disasters. He has held leadership positions with Kenyon International Emergency Services, The United Way of Houston and the Cenikor Foundation.

During his tenure with The United Way of Houston, Mario was a member of the Executive Management team. He analysed the potential impact of a critical situation involving the 2001 Enron financial crisis (a major United Way corporate donor) and questionable donations to the organization. He implemented a crisis communications plan and managed a “feeding frenzy” of potentially negative national news coverage and minimized the impact to The United Way. Result: no negative news coverage with The United Ways’ involvement during the Enron crisis.

Mario‘s previous experience includes training NASA astronauts in communications, positions as a television news and radio reporter in Southeast United States. He has received awards from the Public Relations Society of America, Texas Public Relations Association, a Suncoast Television Emmy nominee and he is FEMA Certified National Incident Management System Public Information Officer.

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