dormakaba Orthos Personal Interlocks

When a high level of security is essential, dormakaba Orthos Security Interlocks provide the ideal solution.

Orthos electronically monitored security interlocks meet the most versatile security requirements and offer optimum protection for sensitive areas of a building. The required safety levels are provided individually: from the authorisation of staff access by a card reader or keypad to verification of identity using biometric systems in the interior of the lock.

Security interlocks can be equipped with a range of different resistance classes, biometric verification, weight checking, or one or two-zone contact mats.

Key features of Orthos security interlocks

A second person can be detected in the interior of the lock by the incorporation of contact mats or a weighing system. Additional biometric identification systems in the interior help to identify users and rule out misuse.

The Orthos product range also includes the modular PIL-M02 for use in airports at airside-landside crossover points. The modular Orthos PIL-M02 Security Interlock only allows passage in one direction. Different security levels are possible depending on the configuration selected.

Orthos PIL Personal Interlocks round or square

The degree of separation may be accomplished by means of body weight, sensors or an additional check point for identification in the middle of the interlock.

With regard to the security requirements the interlock may be equipped with contact mat, scales or in-cabin monitoring. Alternative versions for high-security areas are bullet and burglary-resistant layouts. The different variants are certified from WK2 up to WK4.

  • Smooth and silent running performance
  • Minimal space requirement due to compact design
  • Additional security with contact mats, weighing equipment or Quattro-Vision camera system
  • Resistance classes WK2, WK3 and up to WK4 with square locks
  • The following options are possible:
    • Leaves and folding wing doors
    • Fire protection leaves and/or doors
    • Emergency exit function
    • Bullet-resistant doors and break-in resistance

Orthos PIL-M02 One-Way Interlock with only one direction of passage for airports

This modular interlock controls the passenger flow at airports from airside to landside. Depending on the structural environment the individual half- and full-height swing doors may be combined in a way that the passage in the opposite direction or even the throwing through of objects is made impossible. Various sensor packages triggering alarms are available for separation of people, recognition of unauthorised passages in opposite direction or even left objects.

  • Modular, adaptive system
  • Designed as an angled lock system
  • User-friendly passage even with luggage
  • Sophisticated sensors ensure a high level of personal security and protection for property
  • Visual and acoustic alarm in the event of unauthorised passage (optional)
  • Visual user guidance (optional)

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