Automated Destruction & Collection Solutions

SDS design Final 180913Innovation is an important part of any successful product or solution. However, the new Automated Destruction & Collection Solution from Security Destruction Solutions goes beyond innovative, it is truly unique. In fact, currently, there is nothing else like it in Australia.

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Virtually any large building, be it a government building, financial organization, hospital or commercial premises, will require secure document destruction of some type. In many cases, individual shredders are placed at various points or in various offices around the building. However, in an average ten or twenty story building, this can equate to dozens if not hundreds of shredders. Each of those units has an associated purchase cost, in addition to maintenance, the need to be emptied on a regular basis and inevitable replacement when the shredder is overloaded and breaks down, as is so often the case.

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Even secure document disposal bins present issues. They require space on each floor, they need to be removed and emptied regularly and in reality, are often only secured with a rudimentary lock mounted into the plastic bin – not a particularly difficult system to defeat.

These were all issues that recently confronted a project management team when designing a high security building which would inevitably produce high volumes of sensitive waste documents. In order to find a suitable solution, the project team approach Security Destruction Solutions (SDS). Rod Fowler, CEO and Founder enjoys a family lineage that stretches back two full generations in the secure document destruction business. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Rod set about designing a system which could not only facilitate a high volume of documents, but which could also do so in a manner that would reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating many of the tasks that previously required human intervention such as the transport of documents to a central destruction area. His concept was the Automated Destruction & Collection Solution.

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This unique solution involves the use of chutes conveniently located around the building which run from the length of the building and down a basement level ( or other specified location) where they empty into large industrial shredders which break the waste down into a fine dust of 3mm particles. The dust is then transported to as central collection point via pneumatic conveying for extraction and disposal. The dust can even be compressed into briquettes which can be used as bio fuel in bio energy gasifiers to help power the building thereby reducing power costs.

The Automated Destruction & Collection Solution offers a vast array of benefits over traditional document destruction systems such as standalone shredders and collection bins. For example, documents are destroyed as close as possible to the decision to discard the material. Security exposure is significantly reduced as there are no bins waiting to be emptied or moved outside the building.

Other operational benefits include the fact that the Automated Destruction & Collection Solution is:

• Very fast feeding – customer can literally just dump the documents into the chute and walk away (just like a security bin)
• Convenient because feed points can be located at convenient points on each floor within secure areas
• More space efficient as less office floor space needs to be dedicated to shredders
• Less messy as waste is not constantly being left behind on the floor.

The system also offers number of environmental benefits, not the least of which are heavily reduced power usage due to not having multitudes of individual shredders on standby, as well as the fact that destroyed waste can be compacted into convenient briquettes that can be used as a fuel source.

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