XTEK Promoting Nex-Ray® Systems to Australia

XTEK-LogoXTEK Limited (ASX:XTE) (XTEK) is promoting the latest range of cutting-edge Nex-Ray® X-Ray systems to the Australian Defence and law enforcement markets, highlighting the many benefits of the Nex-Ray® MMX System, a high-tech portable X-Ray suite from the United States.

The Nex-Ray® product line has been specially designed to meet the potential challenges of contemporary Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) missions, resulting in advanced, portable and lightweight X-Ray image capture units, providing EOD operators with a world-class operational capability. This state-of-the-art technology is capable of operating wirelessly to obtain near real-time imaging in a variety of applications.

It also provides two essential EOD imaging products in one, thus reducing the load and weight burden for users and providing them with the high-quality output they deserve. Combining the ability to capture imagery with a plate either inside or outside the unit, it eliminates the requirement for the operator to carry two separate systems and provides enhanced operational flexibility for EOD operators as results can be compiled on mobile devices and emailed to tactical locations in order to assist with dynamic operational situations.

All of the Nex-Ray® products incorporate patented technology and the operationally tried and tested software is available to Defence and Police operators.

XTEK EOD & IEDD Manager Alan Elliott says: “Due to the exceptional low weight of the Nex-Ray® equipment, EOD operators deployed on foot now have access to a world-class diagnostic tool that will not adversely impede their ability to carry other operationally essential equipment. The use of the variable software, meanwhile, enables immediate measurements to be taken and accurate evaluations to be completed, thus enhancing operational capability and providing operators with detailed, high-quality information.”

XTEK is proud to represent a comprehensive range of cutting-edge EOD equipment including many leading products and technologies such as Bomb Disposal Robots, Portable and Baggage X-Ray Imaging systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and various other specialist military and security electronic equipment and detectors. XTEK is also able to back these technologies with world-class maintenance facilities, and comprehensive Through Life Support processes.

For further information or interview opportunities, contact Alan Elliott, EOD & IEDD Manager, XTEK Limited on 1800 500 032.
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