Why the security industry needed a disruptor

CalamityWith global threats on the rise and modern technology forever changing, security systems need to adapt. After recognising a need for a disruptive player in the otherwise stagnant security industry Daniel Lewkovitz formed Calamity monitoring in 2008. Daniel has been working in the security industry for more than 20 years and has been involved in low, medium and high security operations, from single-bedroom units to embassies, state and federal law enforcement projects, banks, anti-terrorism, extreme high net-worth families, education and childcare facilities as well as businesses and homes of all sizes. Working across such diverse security operations, Daniel identified a need for a more modern security company that embraced high-tech solutions and could respond to emerging security threats. With this is mind, Calamity was established to fill a gaping hole in the industry.

Calamity is unique from security providers as it offers true end-to-end security with a focus on high-tech risk management. Daniel says: “There are thousands of security companies doing the same thing as each other but few high-tech firms can say they protect lives every day”. Calamity was the first company in Australia to recognise the convergence of physical security and information/IT security management – from firewalls to concrete walls. Large security companies can be slower to adapt to changes in the security landscape. As an independent security monitoring company, Calamity has been able to drive new technologies, in response to contemporary threats. For example, life-safety monitoring systems, including Fearless, a fully monitored mobile app for lone workers, mobile staff, journalists, domestic violence victims and anyone looking for security on-the-go as well as Silent Sentinel, a high-tech safety device for seniors.

Innovative technology is at the heart of Calamity. Daniel recognised using smartphones as a safety tool is the most effective way to protect people wherever they are. Fearless is based on an app for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile users, and can even be activated through a smart watch. When triggered, Calamity’s 24/7 live operators receive customers’ location, audio and video. As people are more likely to carry a fully-charged mobile phone with them than any other tool or gadget, Fearless empowers a device that is readily accessible when needed.

Daniel used experience gained from large-scale security projects, such as the police, federal and state government as well as corporate engagements, to implement the most effective security concepts at Calamity. “Security is easily one of the most important considerations for any home or business, yet it can be largely overlooked until after a loss – when it’s too late. Calamity’s aim is to make smarter safety solutions accessible, practical and easy to implement in every situation imaginable,” says Daniel. “Smarter technology has quite literally been a lifesaver for individuals but as local lifestyles and global threats change, technology needs to be able to keep up to changes in how criminals operate.”

Calamity owns Australia’s highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility and has received an A1 Grading from ASIAL for the Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence (CASTLE) in Sydney as well as being Australia’s first-ever CSAA Five Diamond certified central station. Having started with a single customer, in only a few years Calamity has grown to look after thousands of customers and billions of dollars in assets nationally.

For more information, please visit www.calamity.com.au