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132_519197l-1024x477UniStream® UniStream® is a secure 24hr, 365 day, 3G/4G network CCTV camera streaming service with secure cloud based storage. The system is designed to permit access controlled, multi-user viewing of live and recorded footage from wireless field CCTV cameras such as Unified Security Group’s solar powered CouncilWatch® units.

UniStream® can be accessed from any PC, smart tablet or mobile phone (Android or IOS mobiles) with internet access. What Makes UniStream® Different? Typically, remote CCTV cameras that are accessed over the 3G/4G network only store recordings locally at the edge, in the field units themselves (whether in the camera’s SD Card or other storage device such as a USB). At best, some cameras may be programmed to email low resolution jpeg images on an intermittent basis to the end user.

The reason for this has been due to the prohibitively high bandwidth costs involved in live streaming CCTV over the telecommunication provider’s 3G/4G networks. Following years of research, field testing and significant financial investment, UniStream® was developed to not only permit constant 24hr 3G/4G connectivity of remote CCTV cameras, but to also facilitate a high definition (720p) stream. Furthermore, and through the use of Telstra’s IP WAN (Wide Area Network), we are able to offer end users a truly secure and private network solution.

Combined with our secure cloud storage solution, not only can we offer unlimited connectivity, we are also able to store up to 6 months of historical footage available at anytime for instant playback. How is UniStream® of Benefit to the End User? The benefits to end users of UniStream® truly are limitless when compared to typical methods of managing remote CCTV field cameras. UniStream® Benefits include; Footage Review In most instances, end users would typically receive a report of an incident occurring (perhaps a rubbish dumping ‘sometime over the weekend’) and would be required to log directly into the camera and arduously go through untold hours of footage in an attempt to first locate the time of an incident.

As the user is communicating with the camera over the 3G/4G network, it is not only a slow and time consuming process but one which also attracts significant expense in 3G/4G data usage. Once the incident is identified (providing the unit had held sufficient storage capabilities), the user would then be required to download the footage to their computer for evidentiary purposes.

If the required evidentiary footage exceeded more than 20 minutes and due to the downloading data costs involved, a technician would generally be needed to physically remove the storage device from the unit in the field. UniStream® lets the end user connect to the cloud based storage system through a standard ADSL internet connection, so there is no additional 3G/4G data cost. Furthermore, the review of footage is immediate and an incident similar to the above can be located in less than 60 seconds. Multi-User Connectivity Based upon work completed for national corporations, critical infrastructure facilities, councils and the like, it became apparent that instances often arise where multiple departments and/or individuals need varying levels of access to particular field cameras.

Unistream® can not only facilitate multi-user access control, but also ‘simultaneous’ multi-user connectivity. In the case of a local area councils, for example, simultaneous multi user access may be required by the security department, waste division, parking officers and Rangers out in the field. Furthermore, because UniStream® offers cloud based access, councils are able to grant access to local area police stations for investigative purposes. Dual RecordingWhilst Unistream® records to the cloud in 720p at reduced frame rates for the purposes of 24hr live monitoring, multi-user access and general incident identification, the field camera itself is recording ‘at the edge’ at up to 5MP and at 12fps.

As such, if an identified incident requires highly detailed footage for evidentiary purposes, it can be remotely acquired and downloaded as may be needed. So in addition to the Unistream®, 6+ month storage capabilities, the CouncilWatch® unit with a 2TB SSD installed can hold up to 3 months worth of edge stored recordings. No Back End Required Because Unistream® is a cloud based system and can be securely accessed via any PC with an internet connection, there is absolutely no requirement for the end user to invest tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in dedicated control rooms.

In effect, any location the end user chooses, be it an office PC or tablet device, can become an instant and virtual control room. Significant Cost Savings One of the major financial benefits of the Unistream® system is that it requires very little, if any physical infrastructure to operate, especially when combined with the solar powered CouncilWatch® units. We often see situations where the deployment of a camera unit in a particular location may have base equipment and installation labor costs of approximately $10,000.

However, the cost involved in bringing footage back to a central recording location (trenching a fibre/power run for example) may be 5 to 10 times the initial camera installation cost for the client. How much does UniStream® cost? A number of different monthly plans are available depending on the end user’s requirements with regard to preferred cloud recording resolution and frame rates. All plans include the cost of provisioning the telco simcard, associated data streaming expenses, 6 months cloud storage, 24hr/365 day live connectivity and support. Plans are available from as little as $150 per month on a 12 month contract.

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