Security is Your Business: Roadmap 2015 provides insights to shape your future

SYB_filmingSecurity is Your Business (SYB), one of the industry’s most innovative communications projects, this year, will include in its schedule a two-day roadmap conference.

Slated for November 10 & 11, 2015, in Sydney, Security is Your Business: Roadmap 2015, will bring together various stakeholders, including local and overseas practitioners, in a highly interactive format to share best practices, stories and experience in order to explore emerging trends and map the road ahead.

“There are so many factors affecting the security profession and we want to see what is happening and how to make sense of those changes, whether it be technological, educational, or societal,” says Rod Cowan, SYB’s Writer/Director.

“We want to dig into several realms and explore what they mean to the future of security,” says Cowan.

Up for discussion will be:

Technology: What security thinking should go into how technology is used or developed, from drones and wearable technology to 3D printers and cloud services?

Education: As more people with no grounding in security or risk management are finding security on the list of their responsibilities, what does this mean for the future of security education?

Hidden threats: Many threats go unrecognised or ignored, from social media to illicit trade, but nevertheless affect brands and businesses, as well as society — could security enhance its position by doing more?

Engagement: People no longer participate in industry organisations in the way they used to, they choose to become part of networks and movements, especially younger people; how can security engage with them?

Succession planning: Look around any security meeting and not only are the numbers getting smaller, the participants are getting older; who will be leading in the future and how do we encourage that emergent leadership?

Cowan describes SYB as a communications project, which began life as a video and DVD, and including more in the event is a challenge.

“SYB has always been an extraordinary event aimed at cultivating dialogue among peers and practitioners and sharing knowledge and insights with a wider audience. In terms of the latter, that is why we have always distributed the DVDs through industry networks and on the cover of Security Solutions Magazine.

“Until now, it has been exclusive and by opening the event to a broader audience we hope to expand the network and generate engaged debate and understanding about security, its role in society, and the future of the business of security.”

The number of places, however, will be limited to around 70, in addition to the 20 speaker participants, since too many people ends up being “a series of speeches and presentations with little or no engagement.”

Spaces are expected to fill quickly, too, since, through sponsorship and support, the planned price tag will be only $500 for the two-days.

“We have often been told that expecting security managers to pull up to $3,000 from their training budget for one person to attend a conference is not realistic. We want to encourage a broader base, especially younger people, to attend, learn and, importantly, become an active part of shaping the industry’s future,” says Cowan.

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