saltoSALTO’s ProAccess SPACE web-based software brings a new level of powerful flexibility to
access control so that users can order the functionalities that they most need and upgrade
accordingly as a system and needs grow. In addition to the abundance of important new
functionalities, SPACE also has a modern interface that is more user-friendly to help users
find and operate the functions they want to use as quickly and intuitively as possible.
ProAccess SPACE takes you to the next level of access control in terms of security,
usability, flexibility and efficiency.

An improved and more intuitive interface results in improved security because operators
can create and manage users easier than ever. And because it’s web-based, there are no
worries about different operators using different versions of the software – with one install
or update it’s straightforward to keep all operators up to date. But just because it’s easy,
doesn’t mean it’s a lightweight: SPACE is compatible with the stringent IT requirements
that smart organizations demand.

The richness of features included in SPACE results in this software being the ideal solution for virtually any type of installation – from a project that is small in
scope and users, to a massively complex organization with a mix of buildings, services, and a multitude of user profiles.

SALTO with its mobile solutions solves the challenge of the increasing number of system users that need mobility. SALTO ProAccess SPACE and the SALTO
JustIN application keeps users’ access rights up-to-date even when they are far from installed update points, without sacrificing security or effectiveness.