Introducing OmGate: The most advanced control and management application for your gate system. No remote control. No ‘phoning” the gate. Just arrive and enter.

OmGate in an innovative, Bluetooth-powered device which is managed by dedicated mobile app for remote opening of electronic gates.

Ideal for both residential and commercial gates, the OmGate app can manage up to 20 different gates from the one phone. Not only is the OmGate app free (available on both Android and iOS), it will even work on gates where OmGate has been installed even while you are on the phone.

OmGate is compatible with any gate which has an electrical connection and a wireless control such as garage doors, security gates, barrier gates and so on. Installation is quick and easy (for authorized technicians) and does not require complex infrastructure. Once installed, the user simply downloads the free mobile app to begin controlling his or her gates.

The system works by enabling the OmGate device to recognize authorized phones via Bluetooth. Upon detecting an authorized phone, the device send an alert. The users need only tap the alert on his or her phone to open the gate and presto! The gate opens.

The app’s intuitive interface enables you to define an administrator for each gate who can then easily and simply authorize multiple additional users to open the gate. The administrator can also add or remove gates from the network or change gate names where necessary.

Avaliable through Mainline Security, the OmGate is an innovative step forward in access control.