Internationally Renowned Counter Terrorism Instructor Coming To Melbourne

118-IBC.SSM95.ShopTalk-IBCInternationally renowned counter terrorism instructor Albert Timen, presents a two day pro-active security threat assessment and predictive profiling workshop.

Running from 11-12 May, 2015, in Spotswood, Victoria, this incredible two-day workshop is based on experiences gathered over 20 years of active service in special operations as an undercover operator in one of the Israeli Defence Force’s Counter Terrorism special units and Police Central Intelligence Counter Terrorism branch. Over the course of the two days, Albert Timen will explain the guiding principles behind planning and executing a terrorist attack with a view to helping participants better understand and predict probable terrorist methods of operations and subsequent suspicion indicators.

The workshop will cover:
• Suicide Bombers – Methods of operations and the mitigation procedures used to thwart and prevent suicide terrorism

• Proactive threat assessment using predictive profiling methodology, principles of security system testing & the cyclic security engineering process
• The physiology of threat assessment and decision making
• Principles of questioning

By the end of this two-day workshop, participants should have a solid understanding of terrorist planning and methodologies and how to use that information to detect and deter potential attacks.

Places are limited for rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most experienced counter terrorism trainers.

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