EZI Security Systems adds High Security Portals to its range

PathMinder has appointed EZI Security Systems as its exclusive partner reselling its range of high security portals to the government sector in Australia.
PathMinder Pty Ltd are the master distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Europe’s most advanced range of high security portals manufactured by AllUser Industries. AllUser security portals are made up of 2 interlocking doors and a sophisticated ultra-sonic tailgate detection system to ensure access is limited to authorised people only. As standard the units are designed to be burglary resistant and are certified as P1A. Options for each model include vandal, attack and bullet resistant solutions up to BR5 in certain models. Other customisations include metal detectors to stop weapons being brought on to a premise.
With over 40 fully customisable models in the range PathMinder can offer a solution to meet most security needs. The range is made up of classic, cylindrical and the unique half portal concept that is designed to cap an existing access controlled door to stop any unauthorised access attempts.
‘Our security portals are already the portal of choice for many international governments so working with a partner who understands the sales process and is able to provide the right service is key for our growth in this sector in Australia’ says Max Nais, Export Sales Director for the portals Italian manufacturer, AllUser Industries.
‘We see the AllUser range of security portals as having some major advantages over the existing products being offered in this sector’, says Troy Donnelly of EZI security Systems. ‘We are already very established with our high security gates in the government sector and have had several enquiries for this type of high security pedestrian control. As such this range of security portals is an obvious add on to our extensive range of security solutions.’

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