EZI Security overcome all obstacles with latest install

EZi-gateIn one of their most challenging jobs to date, Ezi was approved by the Fortunato Group to design, manufacture and install four Automated Cantilevered Slide Gates which needed to suit a 14 meter opening near Melbourne airport within the holding yards of Thrifty Car Rental & Skybus.

The client’s brief was simple, yet also extraordinarily difficult as they insisted on a solution which was aesthetically pleasing by design, yet also, fast which is challenging to achieve with a 14 meter span. Without doubt only a handful of companies would have been able to meet such specific requirements which is why Ezi won the job in the first place.

The challenge was to ensure that the vehicles in the holding yards were able to enter and exit the gates off a narrow high traffic roadway within the airport zone. In many cases, two smaller cantilever gates could have been used however this would have resulted in higher costs as opposed to a single 14- meter gate.

Each gate was manufactured offsite at the Ezi manufacturing premises in Smithfield and was made in two pieces, galvanized then joined whilst retaining a straight gate. Once joined, these gates needed to be an incredible 20 meters in length in order to create enough cantilever to suspend 14 meters of gate with no support when opening and closing.

Ezi are specialists at designing & manufacturing bespoke solutions within challenging environments with safety at the forefront of all their designs and for this reason, they were the perfect candidates for this project.