Exigo_productsExigo is a PAGA (Public Address General Alarm) system based on native IP-technology. No extra interface units or other technical components need to be attached in order to provide IP signals from the microphone to the speakers. This effectively means that the Exigo system can run on existing IT infrastructure – something that no other IP based PA system is currently capable of. In short, this innovation not only means that the system is far more cost effective and simple to install as you do not need to purchase or install any additional specialist equipment, it also enables you to integrate the multitude of other IP based systems currently operating on your IP network.

For example, in the event that your CCTV or alarm system detects an intruder, an automated message can be generated through Exigo informing intruders that they are being watched and police have been called. Another example might include an alarm being generated through the Exigo system as a result of the fire detection system registering a threat. Integrate Exigo with mobile phone systems, access control, intrusion detection or any other IP based system. The system is also software based, providing users with the option to control the system and perform diagnostics remotely. Being native IP, Exigo also has fewer potential sources for errors than more traditional systems for PAGA.

The native IP architecture of the Exigo system not only allows you to run the system across multiple sites at no added cost, it also ensures you can future proof your investment due to the unlimited scalability of the system ensuring it can grow with the needs of your organization for many years to come.

Easy to install and simple to set up, this cost effective system is robust enough to be used on virtually any site, across any location with any other IP system. A true leap forward in IP PAGA systems.

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