05010AT_BSFor greater control and convenience, Codelocks introduces a digital door lock with audit trail capability.

Technology has significantly improved the performance of the electronic digital door lock in recent years, so much so that these locks can now perform functions only previously available in more expensive access control systems, but at a fraction of the cost.

Audit trail is a great example. Codelocks has developed an electronic digital door lock with audit trail capability that allows users to manage access permissions and analyse the data on a computer. The lock can be used in any building where door access needs to be carefully controlled and reviewed: for example in hospitals, schools and universities. The data management software clearly shows how, where and when access permissions were set up and used.

The new CL5000 with audit trail is ideal for facility, property and security managers who want to save time programming access permissions and analysing audit trial data from multiple locks under their control. The software can register up to 999 individual locks and each lock can have up to 900 individual codes. Settings can be copied from one lock to another and codes can be created so that they only work at certain times of the day and on specific days. New lock settings can be created using the software and uploaded via the USB memory stick.

The lock costs $498 (ex. 10% GST) and is available to purchase online at: http://www. Installed CL5000 products can be upgraded with an easy-tofit Audit Trail Upgrade Kit costing $105 (ex. 10% GST).

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