In this episode (113) of the Security Insider podcast, we explore how AI and other technological shifts are driving the video surveillance market beyond security. The podcast offers a unique perspective from long-time industry analyst, Josh Woodhouse. Learn how the security industry is evolving to include many other workflows beyond security while still providing core security services. How is this shift affecting the composition and growth potential of the industry? What does the market data and composition of industry suggest? Are there different stories based on end-user verticals or more general trends at play? This podcast will provide guidance as to the major technological and business model shifts observed and expected. Security professionals need to understand if and how to adapt their businesses to potential new decision-makers and stakeholders.

Guest – Josh Woodhouse

Josh Woodhouse is the lead analyst and founder of Novaira Insights. Novaira Insights was founded in January 2021 and is a boutique analyst firm and consultancy specializing in video surveillance, physical security and IoT. Josh has been covering the physical security industries as an analyst for the last decade. Previously at other firms IMS Research, IHS and Omdia. He is based in the UK.