ASX-listed Elsight collaborating with Lockheed Martin on drone technology

Elsight, a leading provider of innovative communication solutions, has announced a significant advancement in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology with the integration of its Halo connectivity platform into Lockheed Martin’s Indago 4. This collaboration has resulted in the successful completion of the Indago 4’s maiden flight utilising beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) capabilities, marking a pivotal moment in UAS operations.

Through the partnership, Elsight’s Halo communication system was swiftly integrated into Lockheed Martin’s Indago 4, bolstering its capabilities and extending its operational range. This integration enables the Indago 4 to conduct BVLOS flights with enhanced situational awareness, a critical component in various applications ranging from disaster response to surveillance and remote inspections.

At the core of this milestone lies Elsight’s Halo, renowned for its unmatched reliability in maintaining seamless communication channels. By aggregating diverse IP links, including public cellular, private cellular, satellite, and SDR radio, the Halo ensures uninterrupted connectivity even in the most challenging environments. This robust connectivity facilitates the seamless transmission of video and data from the Indago 4 to command-and-control centres, empowering operators with real-time insights and decision-making capabilities.

The incorporation of Elsight’s solution augments the Indago 4’s wireless dispersion capabilities, enabling it to establish robust communication links across diverse terrains, obstacles, and distances. This ensures uninterrupted data flow, including real-time video feeds and critical telemetry data, essential for mission success in dynamic operational environments.

Roee Kashi, Co-founder and CTO of Elsight, emphasised the strategic significance of this integration, stating, “We designed the Halo to provide real-time situational awareness in challenging defence and public safety scenarios. With our integration, the Indago 4 becomes the ‘eyes’ of any commander and the control centre, equipping decision-makers with the widest possible ‘lens’ to navigate complex operational landscapes.”

The successful integration of Elsight’s Halo communication platform into Lockheed Martin’s Indago 4 represents a transformative leap in UAS capabilities, empowering operators with enhanced situational awareness and operational flexibility. As technological advancements continue to reshape the UAS landscape, collaborations like this pave the way for safer, more efficient, and mission-ready unmanned aerial systems.