Commvault – revolutionising the concept of a ‘cleanroom’

    Cyber resilience and data storage leaders Commvault have announced the latest addition to their solution suite, Commvault® Cloud Cleanroom™ Recovery.
    The company suggests that the new solution “redefines how organisations can protect and recover their critical data in the modern world.”

    It will address these key areas:

    • Secure Data Recovery: Organisations can now recover a clean copy of their data securely and efficiently following a cyberattack.
    • On-Demand Cleanrooms: The solution introduces on-demand cleanroom recovery to the cloud, making it accessible when needed.
    • Universal Accessibility: Cleanroom technology is no longer exclusive to the Fortune 50; it is available to organizations of all sizes.
    • Regular Testing: Companies can test their recovery plans as frequently as monthly, providing CISOs with the confidence to assure their boards that they can achieve a clean recovery when attacked.

    Traditional cleanrooms are isolated environments used for secure cyber recovery, but they are typically resource-intensive, requiring duplicative environments for every critical application across multiple servers and locations. This has rendered them unaffordable and impractical for many organisations. Commvault’s new offering addresses these challenges head-on.

    The Cleanroom Concept Reimagined

    Commvault has redesigned the cleanroom from the ground up to meet the needs of modern enterprises:

    1. SaaS Extension: The Cleanroom Recovery now supports Commvault’s SaaS customers, democratising the technology and enabling organisations of all sizes to benefit.
    2. Cloud Hosting: Hosting the cleanroom in the cloud allows for on-demand orchestration of recovery into a clean, isolated environment in Microsoft Azure. Organisations only pay for the service when they use it.
    3. Frequent Testing: Companies can rapidly and regularly test their cyber recovery plans, ensuring readiness and resilience across their IT infrastructure.

    Brian Brockway, CTO of Commvault, emphasised the necessity of frequent recovery testing in the face of AI-driven cyber threats. “With AI-driven attacks, threat vectors change by the hour. The need to not only test your recovery frequently but know you have a clean place to recover in the cloud has never been more important,” he stated.

    Key Benefits of Cleanroom Recovery

    • Simplicity: Quick setup of a cleanroom-on-demand in Microsoft Azure and simplified recovery of applications and data.
    • Security: On-demand generation of cleanrooms ensures they remain untainted. Integration with Microsoft Defender for automated threat scanning enhances data integrity.
    • Intelligence: AI-enabled Cleanpoint™ Validation identifies the last clean recovery point, while integration with Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR enriches incidents with the latest threat intelligence for streamlined recovery.

    The Commvault Cloud platform, powered by Metallic AI, ensures robust security and compliance, meeting the most stringent global standards. The future integration of Appranix’s cloud application rebuild capabilities will further enhance risk, readiness, and recovery strategies.

    Supporting quotes from industry leaders like Aung Oo of Microsoft and Mark Bridges of Pure Storage underscore the significance of this innovation. Christophe Bertrand of the Enterprise Strategy Group highlighted the existential threat posed by cyberattacks and the critical role of Commvault’s Cleanroom Recovery in maintaining operational integrity.

    In summary, Commvault’s Cloud Cleanroom Recovery represents a monumental shift in cyber resilience, offering organisations a powerful, accessible, and intelligent solution to safeguard their data and operations in an increasingly hostile digital landscape.