Radware upgrades cloud and network solutions

Introduces load balancing as a service and enhances its cloud network analytics


Cyber security and application delivery organisation Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR) has announced it has expanded its cloud application and network security services to include a new Radware Load Balancer as a Service and enhanced Cloud Network Analytics Service.

The services are designed to help organisations optimise application management and performance as well as maximise network monitoring and visibility, even during peacetime.


“Organisations are on the hook to deliver quick response times, 24×7 availability, and security of mission-critical applications. Radware helps meet these challenges,” said Gabi Malka, Radware’s chief operating officer. “With our Load Balancer as a Service, network and security teams can better manage resources, solve traffic management issues, and maintain availability across virtual, cloud, and software-defined data centers. The end result is improved response times, reduced latency, and optimal service levels for applications.”


The new Radware Load Balancer as a Service enables administrators to create a seamless management experience and gain more control over load balancing requirements by consolidating configurations into one central place. The solution, which is integrated into Radware’s Cloud Application Protection Service, is designed to:

  • Provide continuous and automatic origin server status health checks, active-active load balancing, user load balancing between origin sites, and URL-based server load balancing for optimised resource access and server
  • Deliver a seamless and personalised user experience by enabling users to reach the same server or source for a website or application throughout their
  • Maintain high application availability and complement Radware’s Cloud Application Protection services to offer improved service level agreements and


“To deliver a higher degree of performance and availability as well as superior user experience, organisations are also reliant on a higher degree of visibility,” added Malka. “Comprehensive insight into network activity is critical not only before, during, and after an attack, but also during peacetime, which is what Radware’s enhanced Cloud Network Analytics service offers.”


Radware’s Cloud Network Analytics Service helps administrators eliminate errors when planning network deployments and stay ahead of DDoS threats through the early detection of network abuse during peacetime. The enhanced solution, which is part of the company’s Cloud DDoS Protection Service, provides analytics and visibility across four key areas:

  • Network traffic: Quantifies the exact amount of traffic moving across a network to enable more effective network planning and


  • Services in use: Monitors services in use, such as HTTPS, DNS, internet browsing, VoIP, and file downloading, to gauge if they are being used for the right purposes.
  • Top sources: Identifies and maps top attack sources as well as top source IPs in
  • Client-server traffic: Monitors and quantifies the amount of traffic flowing between clients and servers to prevent users from abusing resources and credentials.


Radware has received numerous awards for its security solutions. Industry analysts such as Aite- Novarica Group, Forrester Research, Gartner, GigaOm, KuppingerCole, and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions continue to recognise Radware as a market leader in cyber security.