New board member for Keeper Security

Key appointment helps Keeper lead the charge for zero-trust cybersecurity across the government sector 


Keeper Security,  provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software protecting passwords, passkeys, privileged access, secrets and remote connections,  welcomes Chase Cunningham, PhD to its Public Sector Advisory Board. As an advisory board member, Cunningham will contribute his expertise to bolster Keeper’s ongoing efforts to meet the shifting cyber demands of the US government as it continues to set the pace toward a future of zero trust. Keeper Security’s early adoption of zero-trust architecture has become a model for national security and cybersecurity organizations preparing to invest in and implement zero trust.

Cunningham, also known as ‘DrZeroTrust’, is recognized as a pioneer in zero-trust architecture and market analytics. He founded Forrester’s Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) framework, guiding hundreds of thousands of organizations into the adoption of zero-trust security. Cunningham’s research has transformed the security industry, illuminating the efficacy of zero trust in a dynamic, hybrid public sector environment. He has 20+ years of experience in cyber forensics analytics including highly technical work centers within the NSA, CIA and FBI.  


Moving the nation toward zero-trust is a government-wide initiative to modernize the US federal government’s approach to cybersecurity, as mandated by the 2021 President’s Executive Order (EO) 14028. Civilian federal agencies must implement zero trust by September 2024 and many organizations are scrambling to prepare. As a FedRAMP and StateRAMP Authorized solution, Keeper Security Government Cloud (KSGC) provides a critical password and privileged access management solution for agencies working to meet this goal. KSGC maintains the Keeper Security zero-trust security framework, alongside a zero-knowledge security architecture, so users have complete knowledge, management and control over their credentials and encryption keys.


“The initiatives the federal government is trying to solve for – cybersecurity, zero trust, national security – are moving targets, especially in the digital space. Keeper provides innovative FedRAMP and StateRAMP Authorized solutions that empower public sector organizations to achieve their goals,” said Dr. Cunningham. “Keeper has been a driving force in making zero trust possible for a wide variety of organizations that do business in the public sector, and I’m excited to help them continue and scale that mission.”


“Chase has been instrumental in the development of zero-trust frameworks, and we are thrilled to have him on our Public Sector Advisory Board,” said Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-founder of Keeper Security. “From the start, Keeper has adopted zero trust and zero knowledge as foundational technologies in our cybersecurity platform. The addition of Chase as a new advisor reinforces our vested commitment to protecting the public sector with innovative, next-gen cybersecurity solutions.”


Cunningham is the Vice President of Security Market Research at G2, a former Chief Cryptologic Technician for the NSA and a former Forrester analyst. Cunningham holds a PhD in Computer and Information Systems Security and Information Assurance, a Master’s in Information Security from Colorado Technical University and a Bachelor of Applied Science from American Military University. He brings deep technical expertise, numerous certifications and operational experience in cybersecurity, national security and zero-trust industries.