Unlocking the Future of Workplace Access: Employee Badges in Apple Wallet

By Oriol Turro, Business Development Manager for Extended Access Technologies (EAT), HID


In today’s digital age, convenience and efficiency have become paramount in both our personal and professional lives. We’ve witnessed a remarkable shift towards digital wallets, especially on Apple devices. With approximately 2.3 billion mobile wallets in use globally, the majority of these are discreetly nestled within iPhones and Apple Watches, offering users the ease of accessing a plethora of digital credentials, including credit cards, boarding passes, hotel keys, and more. This seamless experience is set to extend into the realm of workplaces with the introduction of employee badges accessible from Apple Wallet.


The magic of Apple Wallet doesn’t stop at simplifying personal transactions and travel. It seamlessly integrates into the work environment, transforming the way employees access various resources and facilities within an organisation. Think of it as a digital tool that enhances productivity and offers easy authentication. Employees can simply present their iPhone or Apple Watch to the designated reader, granting them access to a multitude of workplace features, including:


  • Provide access to doors by presenting your device.
  • Easily pass through turnstiles.
  • Initiate print jobs effortlessly.
  • Gain access to workstations, networks, and cloud-based tools.
  • Call elevators and reach your destination without physical buttons.
  • Enter secure areas seamlessly.
  • Record work hours with ease.
  • Secure belongings or access locked areas.


This digital transformation is not just a win for employees; it’s a game-changer for organisations. When combined with trusted credentials, Apple Wallet opens the door to limitless possibilities. HID, a prominent player in the field of access control and authentication, has detailed the advantages of this digital evolution in an eBook, “The Power of Employee Badge in the Apple Wallet,” catering to both security and IT professionals who oversee corporate access and authentication processes.


Secure Access for All


The adoption of  employee badge in Apple Wallet offers more than secure, contactless access for employees. It empowers organisations with enhanced flexibility and provides users with a superior experience. This innovation elevates productivity and visibility for management. Furthermore, permissions can be adjusted at any time, from anywhere, using the existing access control system and integrated third-party hardware platforms.


In addition to these features, other considerations for moving to an employee badge in Apple Wallet include:

Self-Enrolment Made Simple: Administrators and users alike find it easy to enroll themselves onto the access control system.

Convenience: Employees, visitors, and contractors can effortlessly “tap” into their assigned digital realm.

Defending Digital Data: Whether on-site at the office or working remotely, single sign-on (SSO) ensures simple, secure access throughout the day.


Deploying an employee badge solution in Apple Wallet is a strategic move that streamlines the authentication process, allowing employees to focus more on their tasks and less on the hassles of accessing facilities and resources. In a world where security, efficiency and convenience are paramount, this digital shift is a step towards a more seamless and productive workplace.