Secure Code Warrior’s Agile Learning Platform Empowers Netskope Developers to Code Cloud Solutions at Scale

Fatemah Beydoun, Chief Customer Officer, Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior, the global, developer-driven security leader, today announced that Netskope, a global SASE leader, launched its developer training program through Secure Code Warrior’s agile learning platform.

 Thousands of customers trust Netskope and its powerful NewEdge network to address evolving threats, new risks, technology shifts, organizational and network changes, and new regulatory requirements. Its global developer team plays an integral role in bringing new cloud security innovations to bear. The team sought to refine its approach to secure code education to keep up with its accelerated software development demands. It wanted to excite developers through more hands-on learning approaches without relying on traditional learning mechanisms that had limitations on coding languages and self-service options.

One key decision was to change the name of Netskope’s program internally to “self-service adoption.” This empowered developers to be proactive about their secure code education. In working with Secure Code Warrior, Netskope built a program that made security content visible and accessible to developers.

“We’re getting a better return on investment with our developer educational training efforts because of higher participation and the fact that these efforts no longer feel like they’re a check-the-box, compliance-mandated activity,” said James Robinson, Deputy CISO at Netskope. “The byproduct of all of this is that we’re enabling our developers to be security champions.”

Secure Code Warrior’s agile learning platform delivers the most effective learning solution for developers to learn, apply, and retain software security principles, resulting in secure software delivered by high velocity teams. More than 600 enterprises have deployed Secure Code Warrior to implement agile learning programs for developer-driven security.

“Netskope is enabling developers to learn the way they want, and Secure Code Warrior is the driving force behind it. We couldn’t be prouder of the outcomes,” said Fatemah Beydoun, Chief Customer Officer, Secure Code Warrior. “This is why major technology companies around the world come to Secure Code Warrior to ensure their developers can sharpen their skills with the most complete, relevant, and reliable secure coding content in the industry today.”

To learn more about Netskope’s transformation with Secure Code Warrior, read the case study or watch the webinar:

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