Keeper security looks back on the year that was 2023

2023 further solidified Keeper’s position as a leading force in cybersecurity. 

Keeper Security, the leading provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software protecting passwords, passkeys, privileged access, secrets and remote connections, has unveiled the 2023 Keeper Retrospective, providing a review of the company’s biggest achievements, business growth, product innovation and industry-leading research over the past 12 months.


“Keeper exhibited record growth in 2023 which was largely fuelled by our business and enterprise cybersecurity solutions. Our team’s professional passion and dedication in identifying critical unmet needs of our global market catalysed our innovation and rapid time-to-market,” said Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-founder, Keeper Security. “The launch of our Asia-Pacific headquarters in Tokyo, Japan was a transformative operational achievement on several levels. Our exceptional team, coupled with local support, helped us successfully launch our operation and was a precursor to signing over 40 new channel partners in the region.” 


“Since inception, we’ve been focused on providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that balance world-class security with ease of use,” said Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-founder. “The announcement of our KeeperPAM platform this year exemplified that commitment, with a next-generation solution that provides enterprise-wide, privileged access management for perimeterless and cloud-based environments.”


Key Achievements:

Market Expansion 

In May, Keeper Security expanded deeper into global markets. Keeper opened an Asia-Pacific headquarters in Tokyo that serves Japan, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, marked with a grand opening event attended by US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel. With an established APAC presence, Keeper is addressing the Asia-Pacific region’s substantial growth in the consumer technology sector and enterprise demand for fortified cybersecurity strategies, including password and privileged access management solutions, to keep customers, data and systems secure.

Strategic Investment

Global growth equity firm Summit Partners completed a significant minority investment in Keeper in 2023. The synergy between Keeper, Summit and existing investor Insight Partners is further accelerating product innovation and catalysing strategic expansion of Keeper’s prominence as a cybersecurity leader in the public and private sectors. This investment continues to drive Keeper’s growth and cements its position as an innovator in enterprise password and passkey, secrets, privileged connection and privileged access management.

Product Innovation

This year marked the official launch of KeeperPAM®, the next-generation Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that is disrupting the traditional PAM market. KeeperPAM delivers enterprise-grade password, secrets and privileged connection management within a unified SaaS platform that enables least-privilege access with zero-trust and zero-knowledge security. KeeperPAM enables organisations to achieve complete visibility, security, control and reporting across every privileged user on every device in an organisation.


In 2023, Keeper announced support for passkeys in its browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave and Safari, as well as on iOS, with Android support coming soon. With Keeper, passkeys are created, stored and managed in the Keeper Vault, and can be used to log in to websites and applications across all browsers and operating systems with ease, eliminating the lack of cross-functionality when a passkey is saved to a specific device. Passkeys hold great promise as a significant step closer to a passwordless future, as major browsers and platforms have started to incorporate passkey support into their operating systems.


Keeper also embarked on a journey to make significant User Interface (UI) updates to its password management platform for a friendlier and more intuitive experience. Taking an incremental approach to improving the user experience, Keeper enhanced the look, feel and usability of its platform while being mindful of the importance of familiarity, consistency and the world-class functionality users are accustomed to. Keeper’s upgraded user interface offers clearer distinctions between elements, as well as enhanced clarity and searchability, to improve the user experience and make it even easier to take advantage of Keeper’s powerful features.

Research Leader

Throughout the year, Keeper partnered with industry analysts and third-party research firms to gauge insights from both IT/security executives and consumers about their attitudes, practices and concerns regarding password and privileged access management. The findings revealed the efficacy of KeeperPAM, reinforced the effectiveness of Keeper’s approach to password management and underscored the criticality of upholding password best practices.


Password Management 


Keeper released its Keeper Password Management Report: Unifying Perception with Reality in June. The report revealed that a majority (64%) of global respondents either use weak passwords or repeat variations of passwords. More than a third of respondents admitted to feeling overwhelmed when it came to taking action to improve their cybersecurity. Keeper addresses these widespread issues by making password management secure, simple, efficient and cost-effective for both consumer and enterprise users.


In August, Keeper announced findings from the Keeper Security Parental Practices Report: Conversations on Cybersecurity. This study highlighted the need for increased awareness and education on digital safety among parents, as well as the importance that schools play in filling this gap. Almost 30% of parents have never spoken to their children about cybersecurity. Meanwhile, 41% who admitted they don’t know how to create strong passwords still give their child access to their mobile phone and almost a third (32%) give them access to their computer.


Privileged Access Management


Keeper published the Privileged Access Management Survey: User Insights on Cost & Complexity in February, which revealed an overwhelming industry desire for PAM  solutions that are easier to deploy and maintain, with 84% of IT leaders saying they wanted to simplify their PAM solution. The industry needs modern, unified PAM solutions that address perimeterless, multi-cloud IT environments and distributed remote workforces.


This summer, Keeper released its Privileged Access Management Survey: Deployment Amid Economic Uncertainty, which revealed that while IT leaders consider PAM solutions critical to their security stack, cost constraints and complex solutions are impacting deployment. Fifty-six percent of respondents tried to deploy a PAM solution but did not fully implement it and 92% cited overly-complex solutions as the main reason. Fifty-eight percent of IT teams have not deployed a PAM solution because traditional platforms are too expensive.


Finally, in December, Keeper announced the Keeper Security Insight Report: Cloud-Based Privileged Access Management. This report explored what IT and security leaders are seeking in a PAM solution and the benefits of moving away from traditional, on-premises platforms. An overwhelming 82% of respondents said they would be better off moving their on-premises PAM solution to the cloud, with only 36% of IT leaders saying it makes sense to have an on-premises PAM solution in the current economic climate. 

As 2024 inches closer, Keeper celebrates 2023 as a year full of research, innovation and industry recognition, marked by growth and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We extend our deepest appreciation to our talented team, loyal customers and collaborative partners for their unwavering support. Looking ahead to 2024, we are energised by the possibilities that lie ahead and remain committed to delivering unparalleled cybersecurity solutions around the globe.