Cythera Celebrates Five Years of Cybersecurity Excellence and Announces Continued Nationwide Expansion Planned for 2024

(From left to right: Euan Prentice (Director), Craig Joyce (Director), Tim Sank (Co-Founder & Sales Director) and Ben Cuthbert (Services Director)

Australian cybersecurity firm founded by the former O2 Networks team marks the milestone with continued customer growth and new offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth.

Cythera, a leading Australian cybersecurity consulting firm, proudly commemorates its fifth anniversary and a continued commitment to securing businesses in the mid-market sectors. In their five years, Cythera has evolved into a cybersecurity powerhouse with more than 30 dedicated professionals across Australia with an “onshore only” approach to delivering a comprehensive suite of security services.

Cythera began with a vision to deliver sophisticated cybersecurity services to mid-market-sized enterprises that were repeatedly facing enterprise-sized cybersecurity threats. Founded by Craig Joyce, Euan Prentice, Tim Sank and Ben Cuthbert, the team had identified the need for a dynamic, cloud-centric Security Operations Center (SOC) and security services suite for mid-market organisations. Today, Cythera stands at the forefront of cybersecurity, emphasising utility-based pricing and a suite of cutting-edge technology.

“During the early stages of Cythera, we faced the hurdles of building market awareness and identifying technologies that could grow yet remain financially feasible for small and medium enterprises with budget and resource constraints,” said Craig Joyce, Director, Cythera.

“Our consistent pursuit of excellence in security, along with extensive testing and strategic partnerships, played a key role in navigating these challenges.”

Celebrating the milestones and achievements to date, Euan Prentice, Director, also noted, “Our most notable key milestones are the significant customer wins, with a focus on those early-stage customers who took a risk in signing with us while we were relatively unknown. These customers put a huge amount of trust in us, and we wanted to exceed expectations beyond any doubt. We still work with all of these customers, protecting their environments from malicious attacks every day, while continually maturing their security posture, and it’s great to be able to give back to them and be part of their commercial success.”

As a unique differentiator to its competitors, Cythera’s enviable retention rate and commitment to skill development ensures a versatile team capable of providing comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

“The strength of Cythera lies in the exceptional team and the curious mindset we bring to each threat scenario. We’ve invested in a team who have robust skill sets from coding to API fluency and threat hunting. We then enable them to be more productive with the implementation of automation, enrichment and threat intelligence feeds. This frees up our people to move from ‘routine security tasks’ into deep-thinking and explorative security workflows,” says Ben Cuthbert, Services Director, Cythera.

“Cybersecurity, as an industry, is a race to secure and retain the best talent. It’s important to us to invest in the development of our team members and employ curious mindsets that are focused on skills development,” he notes.

The team’s dedication to protecting customers against breaches has resulted in prospective customers enquiring all over the country. Due to continued demand, the company now operates across multiple regions offering an expanded portfolio of solutions that tap into the Melbourne-based 24/7/365 engineering HQ.

“Looking ahead into 2024, Cythera is poised for further growth with the strengthening of our new offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Perth. This move aligns perfectly with our vision of being an exclusive market player: privately financed, Australian-owned and operated, with a very selective approach to technology,” comments Tim Sank, Co-Founder and Sales Director, Cythera.

“For us, providing cybersecurity capability is not just about technological solutions – it’s about understanding and addressing the specific requirements of each customer regardless of their organisation size or security maturity,” concludes Sank.

About Cythera:

Cythera is a leading Australian cybersecurity consulting firm specialising in managed endpoint protection, managed detection and response, penetration testing, governance and cybersecurity consulting for the commercial and mid-market sectors. With a heritage of expertise, a commitment to innovation, and a focus on client success, Cythera continues to be a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the digital security landscape. For more information, visit