Cado Security Launches Incident Response Preparedness with New Readiness Dashboard


James Campbell, CEO and Co-Founder, Cado Security

Cloud forensics and incident response company introduces new product features to enable organisations to embrace a proactive approach to incident response in the cloud

Cado Security, provider of the first cloud forensics and incident response platform, today announced Cado’s Incident Readiness Dashboard. This new dashboard provides the ability to proactively run readiness checks, see readiness trends over time, and identify issues that could prevent the organization from rapidly responding to active threats.

“The reality of today’s digital landscape is that an incident is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’, so ensuring you are prepared to investigate and respond to cloud threats is vital to managing risk,” said James Campbell, CEO and Co-Founder of Cado Security. “With the rapid migration to the cloud, organisations often have little to no visibility into these new environments. As attackers increasingly target cloud-based systems, security teams need to know with confidence that they’ll be able to quickly investigate detected incidents. With Cado’s Incident Readiness Dashboard, we are providing organizations with a powerful tool that not only identifies gaps that could hinder rapid investigation and response, but also offers actionable insights for immediate improvement.

The ever-increasing global incident reporting mandates are also putting increased pressure on organisations to ensure they are prepared to determine the scope of an active incident in a timely manner. Some examples include the SEC’s fast-approaching “Final Rule” on incident response and breach disclosures, the European Union’s GDPR’s 72-hour reporting requirement for data breaches, and the upcoming NIS 2 Directive for critical infrastructure organisations coming into effect in 2024.

Cado’s new readiness features allow customers to understand how prepared they are to perform incident response actions in the cloud. The Cado platform will now deliver an Incident Readiness Dashboard that delivers a readiness score based on several factors, including whether the organisation is able to acquire critical forensic evidence across its cloud environment. The dashboard will enable organisations to continuously improve their ability to investigate and respond to cloud threats and optimise their cloud incident response program.

The Cado Platform enables security teams to:

  • Automate the entire end-to-end incident response process – from collecting, preserving and analysing forensic evidence, to containing the threat and limiting its impact.
  • Prepare comprehensively for an incident by setting up accesses, testing data acquisition, implementing automation rules, and integrating with third-party systems including incident management platforms such as XDR, SOAR, CNAPP, and SIEM.
  • Test for incident preparedness in order to continuously understand risk posture, know where gaps exist, and where to invest in reducing exposure.

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