BeyondTrust Announces Partnership With Jamf to Enhance Mac Endpoint Security

David Manks, VP of Global Strategic Alliances at BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust, the worldwide leader in intelligent identity and access security, has announced its integration with Jamf, a leader in managing and securing Apple at work. This collaboration marks a significant step towards strengthening Mac endpoint security for organisations worldwide.

In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, the rise of Apple devices within enterprises has made securing endpoints a top priority. BeyondTrust, with its 20,000+ customers across 100+ countries, joins forces with Jamf, a trusted partner to over 73,500 organisations managing 31 million Apple devices.

At the core of this partnership is the integration of BeyondTrust’s Privilege Management for Mac with Jamf’s new Jamf Cloud Distribution Point (JCDS), including an official API endpoint for uploading packages. The combination of BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Mac and Jamf provides combined customers with a reliable method for automated package uploads. This streamlines the deployment of privilege management and application control capabilities across Apple devices, offering organisations enhanced security and productivity.

The integration also features the BeyondTrust Rapid Deployment Tool, a user-friendly solution designed to empower organisations with easy onboarding of distributed macOS endpoints managed by Jamf. It eliminates the need for manual configuration, providing Apple PKG files ready for rapid deployment. The tool offers three deployable packages, ensuring seamless setup and consistent management:

  • Base Platform: Deploys settings relevant to Privilege Management for Mac.
  • Privilege Management Console: Configures settings for the Privilege Management for Mac management platform.
  • BeyondInsight: Configures settings for the BeyondInsight management platform.

“We are excited to partner with BeyondTrust on managing Mac endpoints for our joint customers to increase end-user productivity while enforcing IT security policies and protecting their infrastructure,” said Jayesh Makwana, Senior Manager, Technical Partnerships, Jamf. “This integration equips organisations with the means to achieve and enforce least privilege, removing uncontrolled admin rights while granting just-in-time access to applications. It also enhances security by preventing untrusted applications from executing.”

Benefits of the integration include:

  • Improved Access Control: Users can dynamically elevate privileges as needed.
  • Reduced Service Desk Inquiries: Enhanced access prompts and smoother user experiences.
  • Streamlined Management: Easy policy management across both Windows and macOS systems through a single interface.

“As the adoption of Mac devices continues to grow, the Rapid Deployment Tool and integrated Privilege Management for Mac offer organisations a flexible solution to align with corporate access policies,” said David Manks, VP of Global Strategic Alliances at BeyondTrust. “The result is real-time visibility, actionable intelligence, and comprehensive reporting for troubleshooting and proactive policy management.”

The BeyondTrust and Jamf integration not only supports enhanced Mac endpoint security but also aligns with the principles of a Zero Trust security posture by eliminating uncontrolled admin rights and enforcing least privilege across macOS devices.

Find more information on this integration and its benefits here.