ExtraHop® Reveal(x)™ Available for Purchase in the CrowdStrike Marketplace

Phil Shigo, Vice President, Business Development, ExtraHop,

ExtraHop, a leader in cloud-native network detection and response (NDR), today announced that the Reveal(x) platform, the ExtraHop NDR solution, will be available in the new CrowdStrike Marketplace, a one-stop destination and world-class ecosystem of third-party security products.

Together, ExtraHop and CrowdStrike offer organisations a unique approach to extended detection and response (XDR), correlating network and endpoint data faster and with greater visibility into the threat landscape. The Reveal(x) platform unmasks the path an attacker has taken while moving laterally across the network. The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform offers visibility and protection of endpoints with actionable insights into attacker activity. By uniting these two award-winning platforms, customers can generate a comprehensive analysis of their environments, confidently qualify – or disqualify – threats, and identify the scope of any compromise, which data has been transmitted, and if it was encrypted.

Highlights of the partnership include:

  • Improved threat detection and response: Ingest network data from Reveal(x) in CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale for optimised threat hunting and critical resource allocation.
  • Continuous discovery of unmanaged devices: Continuously discover and monitor communications among unknown and unmanaged devices, mobile devices, IoT, BYOD, remote workforce, and more.
  • Prioritised, contextual alerts: Improve analyst efficiency and help them focus on what matters by enriching security data across endpoints, cloud workloads, identities, and data with network intelligence to quickly surface malicious activity.
  • Push button response: Quickly triage threats and quarantine devices from a single console if and when anomalous activity is detected.

The newly released CrowdStrike Marketplace will connect CrowdStrike customers to ExtraHop, a trusted CrowdStrike partner, simplifying security stacks, reducing operational costs, and helping to manage complexities seamlessly.

“Nearly four years into our partnership with CrowdStrike, the joint customer feedback has been extremely positive, speaking to the transformative effect our integration has had on enterprises’ ability to see more, know more, and stop more cyberattacks,” said Phil Shigo, Vice President, Business Development, ExtraHop. “The CrowdStrike Marketplace will make it easier for customers to find us and experience the benefit of these two synergistic platforms firsthand.”

“With the CrowdStrike Marketplace, companies can supercharge the Falcon platform for their unique needs with the click of a button to stay ahead of the adversaries,” said Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer, CrowdStrike. “Companies and partners are building on top of the Falcon platform and the launch of CrowdStrike’s Marketplace makes it clear that future cybersecurity innovation is happening on Falcon.”

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