DragonForce Malaysia targets Israel again – threat actors using ChatGPT for personal projects

After absence from this year’s OpIsrael campaign, the pro-Palestinian hacktivist group DragonForce Malaysia has returned for a third consecutive year with an operation targeting Israel.

The group’s rebranded campaign, OpsPetir, replaced OpsBedil and currently overlaps with OpIsrael. Antone who directly or indirectly supports Israel could become a target of OpsPetir, which is anticipated to run between April 12 and Al Quds day on April 21.

Some of OpsPetir’s first attacks on Israel were reported against universities and financial institutions. During the coming days, Radware expects campaign targets to also include religious and healthcare organisations, service providers, transportation, and government agencies.

Attacks are likely to range from scanning and exploiting to data dumps, denial-of-service attacks, and website defacements.

Daniel Smith, Head of Research for Radware’s Threat Intelligence Division, says: “To draw attention to its political statement, DragonForce Malaysia aims to disrupt and temporarily disable online services and websites for multiple organisations and government institutions.

“We expect dozens of members of DragonForce Malaysia will use a new denial-of-service tool, called CyberTroopers, which was released by a member of the OpsPetir group. It’s interesting to note in a screenshot shared by the CyberTroopers creator that it appears the threat actor is using ChatGPT for personal projects.”

For additional operational details about DragonForce Malaysia’s OpsPetir campaign, refer to Radware’s advisory.