Episode 88: Trends and challenges in the US security market

In this episode of the ASIAL Security Insider Podcast, we present the first in a series of podcasts we recorded at the ISC West show in Las Vegas. For those who aren’t aware, ISC West is the largest security show and conference in the US which takes place in Las Vegas around the end of March.

This series of podcasts, which we will present over the next month, includes interviews with some of the leading practitioners and thinkers in the security space across the US, covering a range of topics, including systems integration, cyber security, challenges around physical and cyber security convergence, how to create a more profitable security business model and so on.

In this episode, we catch up with Geoff Kohl, Senior Director of Marketing for the Security Industry Association, the US equivalent of ASIAL, to discuss trends and challenges in the US security industry, how those trends and challenges are mirrored by the Australian market and what is being done in the US to address and manage those trends and challenges.

We are also joined by Soren Norgaard, Event Director for the Australian Security Expo taking place in Sydney in August later this year.