i-PRO introduces industry’s first 4K AI-enabled Multi-Directional Dual Sensor cameras

The company has completed its multi-directional camera range by launching dual-sensor cameras in their S-series and U-series product lines


i-PRO Co. Ltd., a global leader in professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, will further expand its multi-sensor camera lineup with six new dual-sensor models.

With support for up to 2x 4K sensors, the i-PRO S-series offers the highest resolution in its class. The S-series dual sensor cameras also include the most powerful edge AI chip with free pre-installed applications. Up to four different AI-based analytic apps can be used in varying combinations.

The new i-PRO multi-directional dual sensor cameras efficiently monitor two separate areas simultaneously such as hallway intersections with a small form factor requiring minimum power, cabling and only a single VMS license. A corridor mode enables an optimised aspect ratio to get less wall and more hall providing the best image regardless of deployment.

“With the launch of our new dual sensor models, i-PRO is again delivering on its AI-fication strategy, and now offering a complete range of multi-sensor cameras: From five sensors on the multi-directional + PTZ, to four and three sensor multi-directional cameras and now the dual sensor models, there is a high-quality product available for every installation to minimise blind spots, and access the full potential of i-PRO’s deep-learning edge-AI applications. Having dual 4K sensors plus AI-based analytics raises the bar again for performance and flexibility,” said a spokesperson for the company.

The four S-series models can be configured with dual 4K sensors with 3.1mm fixed lenses supplying the widest 104° FOV or dual 4MP sensors with 2.9-7.3mm motorised varifocal lenses with a 100° FOV and a 2.5x zoom. In addition to its excellent low-light performance, the cameras also feature IR LED illumination supporting a distance of 40m (30IRE). Each model can be ordered in either a white or black housing to suit any installation requirements.

“4K sensors provide more PPM (pixels per meter) which is an important quality metric. With very wide angles of view, this allows operators to maximise clarity as opposed to what is possible with fish-eye style cameras. On top, 4K sensors ensure the accuracy of AI-based analytics to provide the best additional insights and data in order drive business processes.”

Advanced AI-based sound classification analytics are also available with S-series models when using a specialty mount with an embedded microphone. With the ability to detect yells, glass breaking, vehicle horns, and gunshots, this provides a comprehensive video and sound analytics package unique in the industry.


For installations that don’t require AI-based analytics, i-PRO’s cost-effective U-series models feature the same dual 4MP sensors with 2.9-7.3mm motorised varifocal lenses and 2.5x zoom available in the S-series.

Cyber Secure

All i-PRO dual sensor cameras are equipped as standard with a secure element that complies with FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification making them highly cyber resilient. Each camera also contains a digital certificate issued by GlobalSign for enhanced network authentication.

Installation Ease

Installation time and cost are reduced by allowing the camera to be set up without removing the main unit from the box. The unique i-PRO hook structure makes mounting by a single person easy and trouble free.

S-Series availability is targeted for late March, while U-Series availability is slated for late April. Available from i-PRO’s authorised distributors.


For more information, visit: https://i-pro.com/global/en/surveillance/featured-products/new-multi-directional-dual-sensor