Radware launches high-capacity attack mitigation platforms

Cyber security vendor Radware has launched a powerful new series of six DefensePro®X attack mitigation platforms along with Radware cyber controller, a new state-of-the-art management, security operations, and orchestration system.

The solution combines industry-leading performance and DDoS protection with enriched usability and visibility to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Built-in, automated protection algorithms mitigate encrypted attacks, DNS floods, and application-layer (L7) DDoS attacks in real time.

To answer the cybersecurity needs of medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises, Tier-1 service providers, and carriers, the DefensePro X lineup offers five new hardware platforms and one virtual platform with a wide range of DDoS protections.

Using Radware’s next generation hardware mitigation engine, DefensePro X delivers an up to 800Gbps mitigation capacity and up to 1.2 billion packets per second attack prevention rate, making it the fastest and most scalable mitigation platform on the market today.

To oversee the complete DDoS protection lifecycle and speed time to mitigation, DefensePro X works with Radware’s new cyber controller. The system provides a single location for traffic visibility, robust analytics, and advanced security operations.

“Security teams are dealing with an increasingly complex threat landscape, more complicated network infrastructures, and new reporting regulations that demand more advanced DDoS protection solutions. And they are battling these challenges with a shrinking pool of experienced security talent,” said Gabi Malka, Radware’s chief operating officer.

“Industry-leading speed, scalability, automation and usability are hallmarks of Radware’s new DefensePro X and Cyber Controller solution. It’s the perfect duo for not only simplifying and automating the fight against today’s most sophisticated DDoS threats, but also defending businesses against new, unknown attack vectors.”

Radware’s DefensePro X DDoS mitigation platforms and Cyber Controller offer:

  • A new software architecture and dedicated hardware that deliver two- to three-fold increases in DDoS mitigation performance without compromising legitimate user experiences.
  • The latest cyber technologies with modular bypass network interfaces and highest port density, including 40G, 100G, and first-to-market 400G interfaces.
  • Enhanced protection, quality, and performance for encrypted attacks with full hardware-based support for TLS 1.3 inspection.
  • Robust peacetime and detailed attack-time analytics that provide deep insights into network behavior and anomalies as they occur.
  • Next-generation security operation dashboards — with attack information and mitigation actions in a single windowpane — to enable faster and more intuitive loop-closure between attacks, active mitigations, and mitigation refinement.
  • Unified control across all deployments, with simplified management and configuration, creating a seamless experience for both out-of-path and inline DDoS protection solutions.