i-PRO introduces industry’s first AI scene change detection capability


AI-based analytic application brings easy on-site learning of a scene by a series of captured images to more than 100 i-PRO camera models


i-PRO Co. Ltd. will add AI Scene Change Detection to its collection of powerful edge-based AI analytics applications. Embodying the latest in AI analytics technology, Scene Change Detection is the first AI-based analytic application that provides easy on-site learning of a scene. When anomalies occur within the camera’s field of view, an alert can be sent to security and operations teams.


The new application will be deployable to more than 100 i-PRO AI camera models upon release. Unlike traditional AI-based object detection analytics which alert or flag when objects cross lines or enter predefined zones, scene change detection allows users to teach a surveillance camera what an entire scene looks like in a normal state. The analytic then flags an anomaly whenever any preselected part of the scene varies from normal. This might include a door that gets propped open longer than normal or stock on a store shelf that sells out beyond a preset limit. Because of the customised threshold settings, brief changes in the scene are ignored since the scene returns to normal within an acceptable timeframe. Utilising AI-based object detection ensures that people or vehicles that pass through the scene can be automatically excluded.


“We believe that i-PRO’s Scene Change Detection represents the industry’s first edge AI-based scene change detection app to optimise the scene detection algorithm by learning from captured images,” says Norio Hitsuishi, Head of Product Management at i-PRO Co., Ltd.. “Our unique implementation is very powerful and allows for users to specify how much change triggers an alert after a specified elapsed time. For example, an outside door should be able to open and close routinely without triggering an alarm. Using Scene Change Detection, users can set it to only alarm if the door is left open for more than 5 minutes. This is something that traditional motion detection analytics can’t do.”



The Scene Change Detection app can be operated simultaneously with other apps such as AI-based motion detection of objects allowing security professionals to conduct multiple detections with one camera. A high-end server is not necessary as all processing occurs on the edge. The Scene Change Detection application can learn multiple different detection scenarios with up to 16 monitored regions of change per scenario. An alarm event can be received via i-PRO’s Active Guard plugin installed on popular VMSs such as Genetec, Milestone and Video Insight.


“Scene Change Detection is particularly good at object left behind or illegal parking scenarios. Because objects in motion, such as humans and vehicles, are excluded, false alarms are rare,” says Gerard Figols, President of i-PRO EMEA. “When you think about all the potential applications, the possibilities are endless. Being able to have a security camera also do double duty as a stockout monitor in a hospital supply room where inventory management is vital or in concert halls and stadiums where emergency exits must be kept clear at all times, are perfect examples of the enhanced utility this application can provide beyond pure security. AI scene change is another good example of demonstrating of i-PRO’s open and flexible policy, we are making products and technologies that can be customised to the market’s needs, whatever they are.” 


Setup is easy with the i-PRO Configuration Tool which guides users every step of the way, from learning the scene with multiple images captured at intervals that cover a variety of lighting conditions, to setting image and area change thresholds for the area being monitored.


For more information, visit: https://i-pro.com/global/en/surveillance/solutions-application/application-solutions/edge-ai-solutions/ai-scene-change