Aqua Security more than doubles revenue

Aqua Security has more than doubled revenue in the past 18 months, the company has announced.  Aqua attributes growth to the industry-leading capabilities of its cloud native security solution and its $US1M warranty to stop cloud native attacks.

The company says its recent growth is due to rapidly increasing demand for an integrated solution that secures cloud native applications from code through runtime. It adds that its $US1 million cloud native protection warranty is driving customer acquisition.

Skyrocketing demand for the company’s security solution is driven by a global push to the cloud along with calls from governing bodies to take immediate action to bolster cloud native security.

A recent White House executive order highlights emerging threats to the software supply chain and guidance from both the NSA and CISA recommends secure software development practices that align with the industry-leading capabilities offered in Aqua’s cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP).

Aqua secures cloud deployments of more than 500 enterprise customers across 40 countries, with Aqua actively protecting more than 1.5 million workloads around the globe.

“CISOs are looking for a single consolidated and automated platform, and our growth demonstrates that they are turning to Aqua. They’ve seen others in the market claim big numbers, but when you look at the details, scanning ‘billions’ of files is meaningless if you can’t stop the attacks in progress,” said Dror Davidoff, co-founder and CEO, Aqua Security.

“That is where Aqua stands above the competition. Not only do we provide visibility into what’s happening in your application lifecycle, but we have a single solution for seeing and stopping cloud native attacks in real time at any point from code through production.”

In 2022, Nautilus launched a new vulnerability research team to allow the company to better detect and analyse emerging vulnerabilities and software supply chain security threats—one premier example was the discovery of tens of thousands of secrets exposed by a CI provider.

Using ongoing research, Aqua wrote and implemented over 200 behavioural signatures in its products that directly protect Aqua’s customers. Last week, Aqua was recognised for its outstanding products and research contributions and was named Cybersecurity Company the Year.

The first half of 2022 brought substantial growth in new markets. Aqua launched its cloud native application protection platform in APJ, driving 3X year-over-year growth. The company also continues to expand its presence globally with the recent introductions of SaaS in Europe and SaaS in Korea.

With cloud native security a top priority in the public sector, Aqua experienced a 4X year-over-year revenue growth in its federal division. Additionally, digital transformation across traditional brick-and-mortar industries, such as manufacturing and automotive generated over 3X growth in these verticals.

Financial services organisations also continue to turn to Aqua. Aqua now represents two of the top three largest asset management companies in the world, two of the top five U.S. banks and four of the top five banks in Canada.

Channel and ecosystem success

Following the appointment of seasoned channel and sales leader Jeannette Lee Heung as senior director, global channels and alliances, Aqua underwent a transformation of its channel program. The reimagined Aqua Advantage Ecosystem Program drove explosive growth resulting in the addition of 21 partners, 200% growth in partner pipeline creation and a strong increase in channel revenue.

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