Fluent Commerce Propels Customer Experience with Ping Identity’s PingOne Cloud Platform

Mila Anisimova, Product Manager at Fluent Commerce

Ping Identity (NYSE: PING), the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, announced that Fluent Commerce, a leading Order Management Software company has deployed the PingOne Cloud Platform to support their customer’s ability to manage their own user identities. Fluent Order Management helps brands and retailers create profitable omnichannel order management experiences faster than ever before.

Fluent Commerce needed a way to provide its customers with additional functionality, flexibility, and security. To ultimately accomplish this, Fluent Commerce knew that they wanted an SSO solution that could be integrated with their customers’ identities.

“We required an identity management system that worked to simplify the user management of their customers overall, securing their users’ identities while allowing them to remain flexible in how they managed these identities,” comments Mila Anisimova, product manager at Fluent Commerce.

The PingOne Cloud Platform was able to easily integrate the identity function for Fluent Commerce’s customers, connecting the desirable SSO capability at the same time. Ping Identity was able to provide an identity solution that was scalable and secure to meet the needs of Fluent Commerce’s global clients, who need to remain flexible for their users in a fast-paced environment.

“Every customer has their own requirements and would like to set up their system accordingly,” says Anisimova. “Some customers would like to block an account after a few attempts, and others would like to remove all data from their account and then recreate and use this again. Ping Identity gives us the flexibility to allow our users to customise to their unique goals.”

Across the board, this is a win-win situation for all parties involved. The results also mean that Fluent Commerce can maintain its leading role in the eCommerce industry, as users around the world continue to have high expectations in their shopping experiences and as retailers strive to meet those demands for their users.

Fluent Commerce is a global software company focused on distributed order management for eCommerce. Both B2C and B2B organisations rely on their cloud-native, highly flexible, and fully scalable distributed order management platform to transform fulfilment complexity into a competitive advantage. Fluent Order Management provides accurate and near real-time inventory availability across multiple locations, order orchestration, fulfilment optimisation fulfilment location management, in-store pick and pack, customer service, and reporting. This enables retailers, brands, and B2B organisations to fulfil orders profitably while delivering the best customer experience possible.  Fluent Commerce works with organisations such as JD Sports, L’Oréal, Prada Group, Ted Baker, Aldo, LVMH and Dulux.

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