LogRhythm Introduces Ground-Breaking, Cloud-Native Security Operations Platform

New LogRhythm Axon’s intuitive analyst experience and enhancements to LogRhythm SIEM, NDR and UEBA empower security teams to detect and disarm cyberthreats

Kish Dill, Chief Product and Customer Officer, LogRhythm

Leading security intelligence company, LogRhythm, today unveiled LogRhythm Axon, a ground-breaking, cloud-native security operations platform. Since 2003, LogRhythm has been empowering security teams to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape with confidence. Unlike other providers, Axon is a brand-new cloud-native platform — built from the ground up and incorporating years of cybersecurity experience.

LogRhythm Axon provides a much-needed force multiplier to overwhelmed security teams who are expected to confidently, effectively, and efficiently defend against cyberattacks. Out of the gate, Axon provides an easy and intuitive way for security teams to achieve seamless visibility across both cloud and on-prem log sources, establishing a foundation for their security practices.

“As allies in the fight against digital weaponisation, we are obsessed with continuously improving the way we work to deliver innovation customers care about,” said Chris O’Malley, CEO of LogRhythm. “We are dedicated to helping customers meet rising security expectations by keeping our promise of delivering quarterly innovation to both the Axon platform as well as our entire product portfolio. With LogRhythm Axon, SIEM, NDR, and UEBA, we are helping busy and lean security teams proactively detect threats, efficiently investigate incidents, and ultimately keep their business and customers safe, day after day.”

LogRhythm Axon furthers the company’s commitment to becoming a trusted security partner to customers and partners by ensuring their security operations teams have unmatched visibility to confidently secure their environments. Key Axon benefits include:

  • – Simplified collection and enrichment of logs to boost SecOps productivity and efficiency
  • – Enhanced reporting of threats to reduce the workload of an analyst
  • – Intuitive interface that enhances visualization and searchability of logs to help security teams and analysts easily investigate threats
  • – Reduced burden of hardware infrastructure and software upgrades on the security team

“Using Axon is a dream-come-true for our team,” said Kevin Merolla, Security Manager of a global manufacturing corporation. “Log source onboarding is incredibly simple and straight forward, the interface is really streamlined, and the universal search bar is a feature that I see my team and I using daily.  The capabilities and enhanced workflows in Axon will greatly reduce the administrative burden on my team for onboarding new sources and running daily investigations.”

In addition to Axon, LogRhythm is launching valuable enhancements to its LogRhythm SIEM Platform, NDR, and UEBA solutions. Features released in this quarterly rollout include:

LogRhythm SIEM

– Expanding data collection with enhancements that improve capabilities to collect on-premise and cloud log sources

– Enabling US Federal agencies and their contractors to securely work within the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) set by NIST*

LogRhythm UEBA

– Improved analytical model that tracks when a user authenticates with a new log source type to continue providing the best protection related to user attacks

– Simplified analyst experience to make use of the identity heatmap and assets details in the UI

LogRhythm NDR

– Enhanced analyst threat hunting and incident response experience by providing more visibility into network traffic via data collection through PCAP and NetFlow

– Ability to opt into a reimagined NDR analyst experience that optimizes data presentation and brings rich context to analysts’ activities

“We are thrilled to announce innovations across our portfolio in addition to a brand-new offering with Axon. The cloud-native platform gives security teams more flexibility and reduces their burden of managing data and operational infrastructure, helping them focus on the work that matters,” said Kish Dill, Chief Product and Customer Officer of LogRhythm. “With the Axon security operations platform, log collection and enrichment are intuitive by design, making it easy to search for, analyse, and report on potential threats, and to meet SOC requirements.”

To learn more about LogRhythm Axon, please visit https://logrhythm.com/products/logrhythm-axon.