Data centre at world’s largest internet node adds Circlelock high security portals to prevent unauthorised entry

A major international data centre owned by NTT Communications (a top 100 Fortune 500 company), has installed two new Boon Edam Circlelock Solo high security portals as part of an integrated physical security solution and anti-tailgating measure.

The NTT “Frankfurt 4” data centre campus is located in Hattersheim, about 15km west of Frankfurt, the world’s largest internet node. Frankfurt 4 is now home to a state-of-the-art data centre campus with multiple data centres and more than 24,000 square metres of IT space in its final development phase.

Installed through system integrator, e-shelter, the technology in this German facility is the same that has been installed in Australia to protect data centres and high value facilities from unauthorised entry.

Boon Edam is widely recognised in the Australian data centre market, where it has the expertise and depth of knowledge to meet the specific entrance security requirements of data centres.

To protect the sensitive infrastructure at Frankfurt 4, Boon Edam installed two Circlelock doors over several construction phases together with NTT as the planner and operator of the data centre and system integrator, e-shelter security. In the future, the integrated access solution will also allow systems to be harmonised across locations.

e-shelter Head of Technology, Thomas Beudt, says “Data centre operators are very meticulous when choosing their suppliers. After all, they want to keep the risk of failure to a minimum. In the event of an incident, they need a reliable partner who can respond quickly. That’s why we used Boon Edam for the high-security mantrap portal systems in Frankfurt 4.”

The Boon Edam Circlelock Solo high security portal is part of an integrated physical security solution at the Frankfurt 4 data centre

Boon Edam Australia Managing Director, Michael Fisher, says that Australia is becoming home to an increasing number of data centres, as the country’s technology credentials grow.

“We’re seeing more and more companies establish data centres here, and they are seeking robust, long-term security solutions to protect customer data, as well as workers and visitors to the facility,” he said.

In addition to data centres, companies are becoming increasingly conscious of the security requirements of their data rooms, too, says Fisher. “These companies could be banks or financial institutions, or they could be service providers. The physical security managers within these organisations are tasked with ensuring protection as well as uptime of these important rooms. If there is a security breach, there could be insurance or liability concerns for the data room owner,” he said.

“In the past, companies have sometimes invested heavily in cybersecurity, and neglected to put a robust physical security plan in place. This means that all a criminal has to do is enter the premises, where they can begin stealing sensitive data and bypassing the cybersecurity measures.”

“Cybersecurity is absolutely essential, but it must be coupled with a physical security plan to holistically protect the data centre from unwanted intruders or attacks.”

High-security portal with a single access

As a fully automatic, high-security entry solution, the Circlelock Solo from Boon Edam offers the highest level of physical protection for data centres. The space-saving, cylinder-shaped individual room has two interlocking, automatic sliding doors that allow access to the secured area for authorised personnel only. The Circlelock can be traversed in both directions – but only by one person at a time. To ensure smooth operations, Boon Edam placed two security doors next to each other in Frankfurt 4. This ensures that the access point remains usable even during maintenance work.

The Circlelock Solo is complemented in the Australian market by the Circlelock Combi, which combines the high security features the Solo model with a building’s existing door.

“Renovation and construction costs can escalate quickly when locking down a highly sensitive area. The Circlelock Combi can minimise these nebulous costs by easily and quickly attaching to either the secure or non-secure side of an existing swing door,” said Fisher.

Maximum security with StereoVision

To enter the high-security turnstile system, the user must first present their authorisation credentials using the card reader at the entrance post. When the first door opens, the user can enter the secured area.  The “StereoVision” monitoring system with 3D sensor camera checks that there is only one person present. If this is not the case, a voice module issues an announcement in German and English to draw attention to the fact that only one person should enter. When leaving the secured area, visitors are checked via the card reader and “StereoVision” unit. This is a reliable form of prevention against unauthorised entry via piggybacking or tailgating.

Ready to use in an emergency

Boon Edam’s high-security turnstiles are equipped with a UPS back-up system: In the event of a power failure, the two moving wings remain operational for a certain amount of time. When the battery pack runs out of power, the moving wing on the non-secured side will open. Meanwhile, the moving wing on the secured side will remain locked. The Circlelock can be used in addition to the certified escape and rescue route.

Comprehensive service for data centres

Boon Edam develops customised solutions that meet the specific needs of data centres. The service not only includes top-class products, but also consulting, planning, installation, and maintenance of the doors.