i-PRO bringing latest tech to ASIAL

Leaders in AI powered cameras i-PRO have announced a diverse portfolio of new products to be presented at the annual ASIAL event in Sydney. This will be the first significant event in which i-PRO has participated since separating from former parent company Panasonic, with the large range of new cameras testifying to i-PRO’s commitment to bringing more devices to market with shorter development times.


Several new camera ranges to be displayed will also exhibit i-PRO’s in-built edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.


As well as hosting stall H16, i-PRO will also be collaborating with leading VMS vendor partners Milestone, presenting a range of cameras and integrations at the Milestone stall.


Products to be exhibited at the event include the Active Guard, AI Multi-Sensors and AI PTZ cameras, as well as demonstrations of i-PRO’s use of TPM chips with FIPS security.


Of particular note are the new AI-powered PTZ utilising i-PRO’s 3.0 AI VMD, the AI Mini Camera, which was recently announced as the world’s smallest AI- capable camera and the new extensive AI Multi Sensor range from 3 sensor and 4 Sensors with AI at each sensor.


i-PRO’s newly-released Active Guard Application natively integrates into many VMS’s including Milestone, Genetec, Video Insight and soon Luxriot. The application will be a real game changer and highly cost-effective, removing the need for a costly head end server to process all the video streams.


Marius Van Der Merwe, Director for Oceania at i-PRO APAC, said of the exhibition: “This is a great opportunity to really take the new i-PRO products to the industry and reinforce the fact that we are bringing more Product to market, faster than we ever have before. Over and above that, we are constantly innovating and finding new ways to problem-solve and meet demand for smart solutions.”


i-PRO can be found at stand: H16.