International Security Officers’ Day – a chance to thank all Security Officers for helping to keep us safe

On 24 July 2022 – International Security Officers’ Day – the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) is calling on the community to acknowledge the role performed by Australia’s 120,000 security officers in keeping us safe.

“It only takes a moment to tell the security officers at your work, in the shopping centre, or elsewhere that you know what they do for the community and that you appreciate them,” said ASIAL CEO Bryan de Caires.

Performing a broad range of roles from protecting hospitals to defence bases, shopping centres to offices, concerts and sporting events, security officers are present at licensed premises, airports, critical infrastructure and much more.

They are a vital part of Australia’s security mix and have risen to the many challenges posed over the past two years.

Many in the community take security for granted and very few of us understand the potential dangers that security officers face every day when they put themselves in harm’s way protecting others.

Whether they are monitoring public spaces, bars, railway stations or patrolling premises after hours, they must be ready to confront and handle a variety of potentially dangerous situations from rowdy behaviour and criminal activity right up to terrorism threats.

Very few people are aware of the sophisticated technologies provided by the profession today ranging from biometric solutions, video analytics, artificial intelligence, thermal cameras, crowd movement analysis tools and many other tools to deter, detect and delay crime.

The wide scope of duties they perform means that security officers must hold a diverse range of skills and talents; as a result, it attracts individuals seeking a rewarding and meaningful career.

Likewise, the Security Industry attracts people from very diverse backgrounds, reflecting the face of Australian society today. As we celebrate International Security Officers’ Day, the industry is calling on motivated individuals who possess the skills required to become a security officer and who want a rewarding role in protecting the community, to join this growing and dynamic industry.

“With most COVID restrictions now removed, the tourism, hospitality and live entertainment sectors are ramping up for a bumper summer period,” said Mr de Caires. “With this will come a surge in demand for security services, something the security industry is bracing to respond to given acute shortages in licensed security personnel.”

A global security industry initiative originating in Australia, International Security Officers’ Day is now celebrated in a growing list of countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

ASIAL CEO Bryan de Caires said: “On 24 July, we are simply calling on business, government, and the broader community to say ‘thank you’ to frontline Security Officers they meet in their day to day lives, who are working hard to keep us safe, 24/7.”

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