Carrier Wins 2022 CSO50 Award for Product Cybersecurity

Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE:CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions, today announced its Global Product Cybersecurity (GPC) program was named a 2022 CSO50 award winner by CSO, a premier security media brand providing insight into business risk leadership. The award program recognizes 50 organizations annually for security projects and initiatives. 

Carrier launched the GPC program in 2020 to support and deliver the strategic, production, operational and commercial cybersecurity-related demands to: 1) secure product development, 2) enhance product security operations, and 3) drive cybersecurity innovation. Just two years after program launch, CSO recognized Carrier GPC’s dynamic secure product development and support lifecycle for its “outstanding business value and thought leadership.” 

“Providing safe and secure products and systems requires more than a strong and robust secure development strategy,” said John Deskurakis, Chief Product Security Officer, Carrier. “Fielding products is part of a lifecycle of responsibility and therefore a lifecycle approach is required. And with the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity 

threats, dynamic capabilities that are designed to evolve as needed are necessary to ensure mission success.” 

Carrier’s commitment to the GPC lifecycle approach begins proactively with architecture, assuring and enabling mission success during system build by designing systems for security, reducing attack surfaces and continually assessing, managing, improving and maturing the security posture of its products and services within all appropriate product support and development lifecycle phases. 

“Our operations capabilities help assure and enable post-development mission success by providing advanced cybersecurity testing, integration, secure deployment planning, threat intelligence, incident response and vulnerability publication,” Deskurakis added. “Through our innovation capabilities, we can deliver customers with research and development, innovative solutions, thought leadership, differentiated offerings and competitive advantages, which in turn solve complicated problems, drive cybersecurity and further secure technological transformation.” 

Award winners will be recognized at the annual CSO50 Conference in September. To learn about Carrier’s GPC program, visit