Radware expands deal with multinational e-commerce company

Radware® has announced an expanded relationship with a leading, multinational e-commerce company in a U.S. million dollar deal.

The company bought the Radware Bot Manager and managed services to further protect its global e-commerce network and website traffic from cyber attack. The industry leader also uses Radware’s DefensePro® and Cloud DDoS Protection Service to safeguard its online infrastructure.

The company turned to Radware when the bot manager solution from another provider was unable to handle spikes in fourth generation distributed bots and could not scale to meet the needs of a large global network. The e-commerce provider’s global network, website traffic and bot attacks were extremely complex and evolving over time.

“Various parts of this e-commerce company’s online transaction process were being attacked by different methods and outcomes, and exporting different data sets,” said Gabi Malka, Radware’s chief operating officer.

“The Radware Bot Manager was able to successfully mitigate the attacks while managing false positives so that shoppers making online purchases were not blocked or challenged. We won this deal because our customer was impressed with the consistent performance of our solution, mitigation capabilities and partnership.”

The Radware Bot Manager provides comprehensive protection of web applications, mobile apps, and APIs from automated threats like bots. It offers precise bot management across all channels by combining behavioral modeling for granular intent analysis, collective bot intelligence, and fingerprinting of browsers, devices, and machines.

To help organisations safeguard and grow their online operations, Bot Manager protects against account takeover, API abuse, scalping, skewed analytics, form spam, web scraping, and carding and digital ad fraud.

Radware’s Managed Services include the support of the company’s Bot Defense Lab, a team of experienced data analysts. This team is tasked with real-time threat monitoring, as well as the analysis, investigation, and response to malicious threats.

Radware was named recently as the technology leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ 2021 report titled SPARK Matrix: Bot Management. This marks the second year in a row that Quadrant Knowledge Solutions ranked Radware the technology leader in its Bot Management category.