i-PRO introduces the world’s smallest AI camera

i-PRO has announced the launch of its new i-PRO mini network camera. With a pocket-sized form factor and full complement of AI analytics functionality, the i-PRO mini represents the next generation of smaller, discreet smart cameras that not only protect retail and other businesses, but also provide operational and business insights .


Although the i-PRO mini is exceptionally small, powerful AI processing on the edge enables the camera to quickly process large amounts of data, running up to three simultaneous AI analytic applications. AI-based object detection provides enhanced surveillance and reduces false positives while also delivering valuable operations and marketing intelligence. Free AI-based analytics include people detection with unique attribute extraction such as colour, upper/lower garment, face detection, and non-mask detection. The camera also supports occupancy monitoring/counting, and the AI Privacy Guard feature that pixelates individual faces or the entire body.


The AI-enabled camera is easy to use for analytics with no requirement for additional equipment or cost. Edge analytics processing reduces load on the network and video data management is easily handled through the i-PRO Video Management System or inside other leading VMS manufacturers.


Following i-PRO’s open AI strategy, the Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables the integration of 3rd party specialist applications – giving access to a wide range of automation processes and applications like monitoring inventory status on product shelves.


At roughly 10cm wide, 5cm high and only 2cm deep, the i-PRO mini is providing handy-sized intelligence designed specifically for applications where a camera with AI analytics is needed but should not stand out in an otherwise sleek and clean environmental design. NDAA compliant, the i-PRO mini’s 2MP 30fps sensor provides clear and accurate images for the powerful onboard Ambarella AI processor and sets a new standard for an AI-powered smart sensor that almost disappears from view in most environments.


“The i-PRO mini is disrupting the traditional compact camera segment by combining sleek, unobtrusive design with powerful AI analytics. Business owners can easily leverage their surveillance footage to unlock valuable marketing analysis to gain shopper insights,” said Marius Van Der Merwe, Director i-PRO APAC Oceania operations. “i-PRO is leading the industry in providing solutions that require powerful, discreet edge computing hardware, with no need to compromise between camera size, performance and next generation business insights,” says Van Der Merwe. “The new i-PRO mini illustrates our dedication to constant innovation and our mission to make AI capabilities universally available across the surveillance market as the trusted next generation partner for the security industry.”


The introduction of the i-PRO mini is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding AI-enabled S-Series camera line-up bringing high quality resolution and precision analytics on the edge to the mainstream market. Earlier this year, i-PRO also committed to maintaining prices as well as introducing a Quick Delivery Service to ensure product availability in the face of rapid inflation and industry component shortages.


For more information, visit:  https://i-pro.com/apac/en