Introducing ExploSim – A World-First In Real-World Blast Fragmentation and Hazard Simulation

ExploSim provides accurate, indicative, real-time blast simulation without building damage or casualties.

Explosim extremely easy-to-use

 Simply position the transmitter and select the type and quantity of explosive.

Distribute the receivers;

 Trigger the transmitter.

The results demonstrate blast lethality, blast injury, fragmentation injury and structural damage.

ExploSim provides realistic, location-specific, blast and fragmentation damage and injury information.

Peace Of Mind

ExploSim is ideal for training personnel, testing procedures, and engineering construction for known threats.

ExploSim is a must-have for:

  • Security and Emergency managers.
  • Security, Safety and Engineering consultants.
  • First Responders.
  • Incident Commanders.
  • Building marshals and wardens.
  • Bomb Technicians.
  • EOD Operators.
  • Search and Assault teams.

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