Supply chains double down on entrance and access safeguards for Covid and hygiene security

With up to 30 to 40 per cent of their staff sometimes absent or affected by Covid, Australasian transport, logistics and factory distribution centres are becoming increasingly cautious about whom they let through their doors.

“They have just got too much at stake – hygiene and OHS issues affecting suppliers have moved to the top of the agenda for big logistics and transport operations and retail and wholesale centres. It has become a front-line issue internationally,” says global architectural entrance and touchless security specialist Boon Edam.

Distribution centres, big direct retail outlets, and e-commerce centres are all directly affected, as more and more people choose contact-free remote delivery options over traditional retail visits.

Global retail e-commerce sales are projected to rise from about $US 5.4 trillion this year to $US8 trillion* before mid-decade, says Michael Fisher, Managing Director for Boon Edam Australia, which serves the Australian, NZ and PNG clients among the 27 countries where Royal Boon Edam invests is 150 years of Architectural revolving door experience and complementary 21st century entrance security expertise. (* More than 7.5/11 trillion Aust/NZ dollars. Source: Statista market and consumer data.)

Boon Edam serves some of the world’s and Australasia’s biggest e-commerce, distribution, transport and retail organisations, with expanding commitments to such local and international clients’ physical security in Australasia as e-commerce demand has exploded during Covid.

“The big issue for supply chains is that, while demand on them has never been stronger because of Covid, their capacity is being severely hampered by the same virus. Our feedback in Australia and New Zealand is that supply chain clients are strongly reflecting the world experience of absenteeism and worker affected rates. These can be up to 30 or 40 per cent of a workplace at any one time, which is obviously a big concern.

“Obviously the solution to such issues is multi-faceted – including high immunisation rates – but such organisations know also that the virus issue isn’t going to go away anytime soon. They know they will have to control access to their operations long-term, both in terms of staff and visitors.”

“Such big proportions of distribution staff affected by Covid now and in the future have the potential to cripple supply chains when we need them most – for essential food, beverage, medical, and broader industrial production and job creation. As a result, Australasian distribution chains are joining the worldwide need to control access to key distribution, production and administration centres.

Boon Edam security solutions are designed to blend security with corporate aesthetics to provide individually engineered, world-class entry solutions of a quality already in service with dozens of Fortune 500 companies including some of the world’s largest firms. Boon Edam already has more than 100 installations in Australasia of its speedgate security entrance systems. and complementary revolving doors.

Touchless technology

A secure but welcoming and easily navigated internal Lifeline installation

Boon Edam’s layered solutions to the challenge of controlled entry make strong use of touchless technology, both on both exterior entrances and on its Lifeline Series of speed gates.

Lifeline systems are engineered to provide intuitive, refined and secure entry management systems for guiding and managing the flow of authorised people through to secured areas of buildings. Unauthorised people are automatically excluded.

The Lifeline Series interacts with those who approach it, guiding high flows of authorised staff and authorised visitors, acting as a boundary between public and private spaces.

The Lifeline Series contains three models – Slide, Swing and Open – which can each be further customised for required levels of security. “Touchless technology can easily be incorporated into existing entrance security systems, too, so it can be a cost-effective investment in better hygiene practices for a building, while simultaneously enhancing user comfort and providing strong security benefits,” said Mr Fisher.

“Boon Edam’s slim and elegant Lifeline Swing speed gates, for example, reflect changing work and public space environments that must keep up with larger numbers of people entering existing smaller spaces, with the obvious rising security concerns surrounding busy spaces,” says Mr Fisher. “Lifeline Swing seamlessly guides large groups of people safely onto their next point of their journeys, using sophisticated and intuitive sensors and modern technology. They can be used both to protect employee workspaces, fulfilling employers’ Duty of Care obligations to their workforce, while helping to protect them even when security staff are not present.”

“The Lifeline Series is also unique to the industry in that it has approach sensors, which allow the unit to sleep until someone comes within range of the sensor. For buildings with sustainability objectives, or those who are interested in saving power, this adds a significant advantage,” says Mr Fisher.

Boon Edam’s Speedlane Lifeline Swing compact security lane which Boon Edam says is the slimmest, most intuitive speed stile available with sleek design and state-of-the art technology

“Such entrances can quickly repay the cost of their installation by moderating the need for more expensive manned security points at all times. Often a layered mix of manned and automated security installations is the most cost-efficient way to protect staff and visitors and an ideal way to regulate and monitor traffic flows into and throughout buildings and workplaces,” says Mr Fisher.

Speedlane installations may be ideally complemented by Boon Edam’s Automatic revolving doors, which are excellent examples of naturally touchless entrance solutions.

Such entrances – as used in high security and advanced energy efficiency applications globally – can incorporate advanced approach and safety sensors so they begin moving without an authorised person’s need to touch the door’s surface, says Mr Fisher.

“In a Covid-affected world, a touchless entry like a revolving door is ideal. It controls pedestrian traffic smoothly, without compromising admission criteria and security. Boon Edam revolving doors are capable of incorporating modern, touchless access control technologies, making them an incredibly versatile entry solution, says Mr Fisher.

The Tourlock 180+90 system

Such globally proven revolving doors – including Tourniket, Tournex, Tourlock, Duotour, and Circleslide types – are used by hospitals, hospitality venues, diplomatic and legislative establishments and Fortune 500 companies globally to protect against unauthorized visitors impacting on staff and legitimate visitors.

“The latest Tourlock 180+90 system, for example, is a 24/7 solution offering high volume capabilities (20 people each way per door a minute) proven by some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies. It is a superbly flexible, non-intrusive way to control physical access and prevent problems arising from unauthorised access to sensitive facilities and areas

The human dimension

The human dimension of increased security throughout distribution chains is important not to overlook, says Mr Fisher. “In terms of presentation to staff and visitors, security cannot be ugly or threatening. It has to be architecturally crisp and aesthetically harmonious, reflecting the style and presentation standards of the leading organisations involved, as well as providing an attractive workplace.

“It is important that not only are staff and workplaces protected – and so they appreciate and understand what is being done – but also that the solution is achieved in a way that is welcoming and easy to navigate for these essential members of the distribution team.”

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