Wi-Fi Management Added into WatchGuard Cloud Enabling MSPs to Simplify Security Service Deployments Across the Company’s Full Technology Portfolio

WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in network security and intelligence, multi-factor authentication (MFA), advanced endpoint protection, and secure Wi-Fi, today announced Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud, along with a new lineup of Wi-Fi 6-enabled access points(APs). The addition of Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud provides cross-platform integration and centralised management of all WatchGuard products, dramatically simplifying how partners purchase, deploy and manage WatchGuard’s products and services, while the new APs give customers enhanced connectivity, performance, and best-in-class security.

“The MSP market continues to grow at an accelerated pace, driving partners to look for centralised solutions that simplify deployment and management for customers while delivering the highest levels of security. Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud – and the new APs – give partners the ability to layer on Wi-Fi-as-a-Service for customers and integrate it with our complete portfolio of security services like firewall, endpoint protection, MFA, and more,” said Andrew Young, senior vice president of product management at WatchGuard. “Wi-Fi is an integral part of our Unified Security Platform, and now that it’s integrated with WatchGuard Cloud, it will help further scale business growth for MSPs and further reduce costs.”

WatchGuard Cloud helps solution providers that have struggled to work across various management systems to deploy and manage security for customers. A recent survey of MSP executives found that 95% felt that maintaining multiple interfaces decreases the productivity and efficiency of managing their customers’ security. Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud and the “single pane of glass” experience of WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform™dramatically reduces IT overhead and improves overall usability while cutting infrastructure costs.

WatchGuard’s new APs provide next-generation technology to future proof deployments. The launch of AP130, AP330, and AP430CR comes as the availability of Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices continues to grow. With support for WPA3, the highest level of encryption, and cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technology, these new APs are perfect for small to midsize companies and distributed enterprise customers looking for the most secure Wi-Fi configuration.

Some of the key features of Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud include:

  • One Platform with Multiple Applications – A single true cloud platform reduces the complexity of managing multiple services for customers. This includes simplified management, eliminating physical or virtual infrastructure, speeding onboarding, streamlining maintenance, and more.
  • Multi-Tier and Multi-Tenant Capabilities – Manage, configure, and report on Wi-Fi connectivity and performance for each customer from one platform with a single interface. Build recurring revenue models, gauge the value of flexible payment options, and choose complementary models from WatchGuard FlexPay programs.
  • Reporting and Visibility – Complete insight into crucial information such as signal strength coverage, wireless client bandwidth consumption, access point utilization, and client distribution.
  • Networking and Troubleshooting – Detect failures and anomalies, and other connectivity issues.
  • Security – Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi security standards, WPA3 encryption, protected management frames, RADIUS authentication, Secure VPN tunneling, and more.
  • Captive Portal – Delivered by a custom-branded portal to match companies’ branding guidelines, and interrupt guest devices from accessing the network until users accept the terms and conditions to connect.
  • Additional Integrations – Better and faster integrations with WatchGuard’s complete product portfolio. API availability for customer data such as license, expiration, and inventory through WatchGuard Cloud that enables integration with third-party management platforms.

Some of the key features of WatchGuard AP130, AP330, and AP430CR include:

  • The Latest Wi-Fi Security Standards – OWE and WPA3 encryption across all of WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi 6 access points.
  • Next-Generation Wi-Fi 6 Technology – Increase speed, performance, and connectivity while reducing congestion and delivering a more secure Wi-Fi experience for corporate or remote network users. Simplify upgrades with zero-touch deployment and backward compatibility.

“When it comes to security, our customers want a seamless experience. That can be tough to deliver when layering on and trying to scale secure Wi-Fi, and it’s only gotten more complex as our customers have come to rely on remote workforces. The addition of Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud, and the new Wi-Fi 6 APs, are game-changers for our customers and us,” said Luis Gimenez, director of technology at SPW. “We now have a unified security platform that’s not only capable of meeting all our customer needs, but allows us to deploy and manage everything from a centralised dashboard. That not only simplifies our model, it helps us to deliver better security and service to our customers.”

WatchGuard will continue to support existing Wi-Fi hardware. For more information on Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud and the new lineup of APs, click here.